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Best of 2021!  



Various Artists - IDMEMO - A Future Of Nostalgia Vol. 2 (Above Board Projects)



The second collection of beautiful oddball IDM burners from Vladimir Ivkovic & Ivan Smagghe - the music within speaks for itself! truly astonishing. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Conny Frischauf: Bureau B Favorites (Bureau B) 



Bureua B rolling through with an outstanding collection of all era Krautrock, leftfield grooves and electronica - superb stuff! 

Check it out here:

Ritmo Fantasía: Balearic Spanish Synth​-​Pop, Boogie and House (1982​-​1992) (Soundway Records)



It wouldn't be a best of list without at least one contribution from Soundway, this time in the form of a truly spectacular comp compiled by producer and DJ Trujillo, featuring some of the best and rare House orientated grooves from Spain during the late 80s. The stuff dreams are made of. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - K/L (Mélodies Souterraines)



Another fab record from the Souterraines camp, which includes a stunning array of tunes that span the Japanese-European spectrum. Put this one on and drift....

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Naya Beat Volume 1: South Asian Dance and Electronic Music 1983​-​1992 (Naya Beat Recordings) 



A comp filled with delights that highlight a number of unknown gems from the 80s and 90s South Asian dance music scene, with occasional reworks that add further vitality - put this one on and dance! 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Peach Pals Vol. 2 (Peach Discs) 



Producer and DJ Peach brings together some fo the finest in the game on this second comp from Peach Discs, and there is something here for everyone - fast paced groovers, techno heavy hitters, and deep house future classics. 

Check it out here:

Black Rave Culture - Black Rave Culture (HAUS of ALTR)



Producers Amal, Nativesun and James Bangura bring their A games here on a future leaning collection of cuts that bounce happily between all manner of genres to provide some fresh feels for any club or home listening setting. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Dream Theory 001 (Dream Theory) 



An album that touches upon all the key cornerstones of Ambient, with floating chords, tonal aspirations and delicate sequences - this is a seriously good mix of tunes, hats off to all involved and to Anna Wall for spearheading such an exciting sound label. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - SOS Music Vol 2 (SOS Music) 



The SOS crew smash it out of the park once again with a serious lineup of producers serving up some beautiful flavours that would burn up the floor, and at the same time make them feel all over again. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Chubby Music Vol. 4




Chubby remain some of the finest purveyors of Deep House around, and with their fourth comp you simply get reminded of the fact. The names alone should be enough to entice your interest, and when the music starts, its game over. Top notch. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Nu New Beat Vol. 3 (Fauve Records) 



Who doesn't love a bit of New Beat? Fauve certainly do, and with this excellent new addition to the Nu series, you see the genre alive and kicking. The best in the business feature here, with big melodies, thudding basslines and emotive vocals featuring throughout. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - YLLWSLND 010 (Yellow Island Records) 



Yellow Island do the business once more with a heft compilation of exciting, invigorating dance cuts that swerve between the widest possible spectrum of dance music. Check it out! 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Amethyst: New Sounds from Moon Glyph Records (Moon Glyph Records) 


On this new comp, Moon Glyph brings together label friends and newcomers to present to us an audial journey that takes in the widest possible spectrum of tones, melodies and emotions. Beautifully presented and deeply meditative. ​

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Bio-Rhythm 3.​.​.​re​-​indulge (Network Records)  


31 years in the making, the iconic Network records released the 3rd instalment of the bio rhythm series, and oh boy is it excellent. Featuring an array of styles from legendary talents, its a compilation not to be missed from any form of electronica fan. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - INTL​.​PDCOMP001 (Pressure Dome) 


Pressure Dome have certainly been making waves the past few years, and this new comp reminds us of the sonic potential found within the label. Endlessly intriguing, and effortlessly danceable, its a collection of tracks orientated for the dance. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Profondo Nero (Dekmantel)


Dekmantel turn to the capable hands of Profondo Nero for their latest comp, which aims to highlight a number of rare but much loved Italo classics. This comp really does show the extent of the genre's scope, and we love it so much. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Planet Love Vol. 1 - Early Transmissions 1991​-​95 (Safe Trip)


Young Marco's label continues to serve up excellence with this stunning comp of early 90s trance tunes, ranging from the chill out to the freak out, and everything inbetween. Put this on and really zone out....

Check it out here:

Various Artists - 10 Yahre (AVA. Records) 


AVA celebrates 10 years in the game with a mammoth collection of tracks that encapsulate everything this wonderful record label has achieved in its existence. Expect all kinds of vibes to flow your way on this one. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - DYNAM'HIT - Europop French version - 1990/1995 (Born Bad Records) 


This is a fun one. Born Bad bring together a collection of tunes that soundtracked the early 90s in France, with plenty of fun packed into the cuts found within. Merging house with free living pop tones, its a summer hit if we ever knew one. Glorious stuff. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Lemonade City Vol.1 (InnerTribe Records)


InnerTribe bless us with a wonderful comp filled to the brim with audial and genre diversity, with each producer or group who come up to the plate swinging hard. Quality persists across the board, and makes for an incredible listening experience. 

Check it out here:

Various Artists - Radiant Love IWD Compilation Vol.2 (Radiant Love) 


What can we say about Radiant Love that hasn't already been said? this second comp from them is sheer bliss, with some incredible talents all contributing excellence, with all the funds going to a great cause. Purchase now, and lose yourself.  

Check it out here:

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