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Best of 2021!  



Mambele - It's All Good (Don't Be Afraid) EP (Vice City) 



On his debut EP, Mambele conjures up a series of steppers that trod the fine line between broken beat and Deep house effortlessly, with interwoven messages of hope and belief adding to the allure that exudes from every corner of this beautiful record. 

Check it out here:


Androo - sans-titre (Poly Dance Theatre) 



The Poly Dance crew have provided us with some tantilising records over the years, and this latest one from Androo is no exception. Pulling and shifting the dynamics at every step, its a glorious journey through everything dubby and deep. 

Check it out here:


Jason Hogans - Malletts Creek (Sound Signature) 



When Jason Hogans releases a record, you really do stand up and take notice. And on his latest effort, his incredible production technique and broad reaching vision is on full display, with peerless beats happily co-existing alongside quirky and engaging melodic work. 

Check it out here:


Will Hofbauer & Sangre Voss - Steppe EP (Control Freak) 



Two of our favourite newly discovered producers teamed up on this really dope release that showcased their dual abilities whilst highlighting a deeply convincing take on UK Techno and Breaks. Features two killer remixes from Flundra and Ciel too! 

Check it out here:


Maara - Ultimate Reward (NAFF) 



A record that remained in our ears ever since it came out. Maara sure knows how to whip up a storm, and this is achieved via multiple tempos, densities and atmospheres, all bought together flawlessly in one of the most impressive debuts this year. 

Check it out here:


Laurine - (Slow Life) 



Slow Life continued to serve up the goods in 2021 with some excellent records, with the pick of the bunch being label heads Laurine's debut offering, and oh boy is it wonderful. Staying true to the label's endlessly progressive feel, all of the cuts here are designed to get people for moving all night long. Truly amazing stuff. 

Check it out here:


Elkka - Harmonic Frequencies (Technicolour) 



Elkka continues onwards with her boundless and enthusiastic take on Dance Music with her second record of 2021, which saw her style continue to evolve in the most organic and enjoyable way possible. This one is sure to make you move and feel, all at the same time. 

Check it out here:

Clemency - Drum Circles Against Lamentation (2 B Reel) 



Clemency continues to turn heads with her deeply rhythmic take on Techno, with the two tracks here sinking their hooks into you and whirling around your mind and body as you reach beyond into new realms of expressionism.

Check it out here:

Ash Lauryn - True (FWM)



After years of wowing and educating audiences with her mixes and her activism work, the time seemed right for Lauryn to strke out with her debut offering. And what an offering it is, with seemingly every strain of House music - from all eras - masterfully pulled together into a sequential experience. Bliss. 

Check it out here:

Pascale Project - Where's The Party? (RamaJam, La Rama Records) 



Some records really do induce euphoria at every turn, and this latest one from Pascale Project is a true winner in this regard. The music contained within makes you feel good, think good and be good, and when aimed directly at a dancefloor you feel the warm vibrations spread throughout and beyond. 

Check it out here:

Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring (World of Echo) 



Jazz is in good hands within the current crop of immensely talented musicians who are floating around currently, and Tara Clerkin and her trio are a leading light within this movement. This album evokes so much from its playful balancing between softly spoken keys and drum laden segments, and it all just works perfectly. ​

Check it out here:

Colloboh - Entity Relations (Leaving Records) 



There have been plenty of fresh air moments in 2021, but for us one of the stand outs was this debut offering from Colloboh, which showcases a producer with a masterful understanding of hardware and how to blend this ability with creative flair. Each track operates in its own dazzling world but as one unit it speaks volumes. An individual to keep an eye on, for sure. 

Check it out here:

Peter Raou - Skagboys Begin (RJWMachines) 



Our man from Modena strikes again with another superb two tracker, which continues to showcase his abilities on the drums and keys. Plenty of hats, deep chords and grooves for absolute days, this is one not to be missed. 

Check it out here:

Marshall Vincent - In No Particular Order (SA Recordings) 



On one of the most emotive releases we came across this year, Marshall Vincent serves up a spectrum of moods and feels that really transport the listener to specific contexts where human feelings take centre stage. An album to really wrap yourself within, and let go. 

Check it out here:

Ayane Shinro - Sakura (Mental Groove Records/Musique Pour La Danse) 



As delicate as it is deeply intriguing, classical guitarist Ayana Shino covered a number of songs off the iconic producer Susumu Yokota's 'Sakura' album, and to say things get mediative is an understatement. Filled with sweeps, dynamics and melody, this is a special album with a special meaning. 

Check it out here:

Banana Moon - Delphinium Blue (Funnuvojere Records) 



When an EP is inspired by Derek Jarman's favourite flower and the Florentine Rock Club, you just know things are going to be interesting. A joint effort by Massimiliano Pagliara and Luigi Di Venere, its House music at its most daring, its most sexy, and its most tender. Beautiful stuff. 

Check it out here:

JK Group - What's Real? (La Sape Records)



Australia has produced some incredible jazz leaning records over the past few years, and this offering from JK is no exception. Filled to the brim with vibrant keys, floating sax lines, bountiful drumming patterns and mesmerising chordal arrangements, its a must for any jazz head and a pointer to a bright future for this group. ​

Check it out here:

Analog Tara - Dimensions (1432 R) 



There are some producers who make electronic music into an artform, and Analog Tara has been doing that for some time now. This record is testament to her skills, a breathless excursion through thoughtful and intuitive techno that makes you feel the need to dive right back in and explore it all over again. 

Check it out here:

Adi / Walrus - For Playful Manners (Basic Moves) 



Columbian producer Adi and label head Walrus team up on this highly impressive joint venture on the ever excellent Basic Moves. The vibrations flow from left to right, keeping the listener directly in the middle as we groove onwards into new horizons. 

Check it out here:


Caruso, Trans of Life, Jose Rico, Melchior Sultana - Best of Various (Ten Lovers Music) 


When you get this much goodness on a House record, the impression it leaves is a big one. Ten Lovers bring together some of the finest talents in the game on this superb four tracker, that tailors the mood for all manner of contexts, no matter who you might have for company. Stellar stuff. 

Check it out here:

Bored Lord - The Last Illusion (T4T LUV NRG)



The T4T love affair continues with a very special debut EP from Bored Lord, who sets a wonderful template here for her future releases. Smootly grooving from choppy stompers through to diverse and electrifying breaks laden goodness, its an EP filled with eclectic dynamism that remains endlessly entertaining. ​

Check it out here:

OK EG - Intertidal Zone (Wax'o Paradiso Recordings) 



Purveyors of sublime tones and surfers of the undercurrents, OK EG really do know how to craft soundscapes of the highest order. This new EP is no different, with their eye for detail oozing out of every stanza and hitting beautifully with every new sweep. 

Check it out here:

K-Mo - Space Funk (Wayout Records) 



When Deep House hits a certain way, then your eyes just close and the mind looses itself in a tidal wave of mood and tone. This and more feature heavily on the 6th release from producer James Kumo, who enlisted the help of Bryon the Aquarius and Tim Jules to really add some extra spice into proceedings. Absolutely killer. 

Check it out here:

KiTA - Lucent (Companion) 



Label debuts really don't get much better than this. KiTA supplies us with a truly remarkable collection of soundscapes that contain tinges of past ambient leanings but with a constant eye for the future, and all that it might bring. An exceptional piece of music. ​

Check it out here:

Julion De’Angelo - Freedom School DJ Series Vol.4 (Freedom School) 



This one really does make your head spin. De'Angelo is widely known for his off kilter and earthy approach to House music, and on Vol 4. of the Freedom School imprint, we see the Detroit based producer really push his music to exciting new places, where every loop feels like its bringing us closer to a euphoric edge. Awesome. 

Check it out here:

Cosmic Garden - Aphrodisiac (Cosmic Rhythm) 


The only way, it seems, for the Cosmic Rhythm imprint is up, and with records like this one from label head Nicola Loporchio, the sky remains very much the limit. This EP encapsulates the label's Italo house Balearic leaning identity, with beautiful keys and simmering beat structures doing the business, time and time again. 

Check it out here:

Track & Trace - Liquid Figure (Levain)


The Danish House scene seemingly knows how to keep the goods served just right, and this debut offering from Levain is no exception. The four cuts found within are a revelation, moving the feeling along via beautiful chordal stabs and delightful straight up percussive movements. Top notch.  

Check it out here:

Enrica Falqui - Plexus (Marginal Returns) 


On yet another debut offering that lit our ears on fire this year, producer Enrica Falqui serves up a Techno leaning masterclass that touches upon ambient in places, with anchors placed all over the world, from Detroit to Berlin and back again. Stunning, in every sense of the word. 

Check it out here:

Solar Suite - Slingshot (On Rotation) 


On his second EP, Solar Suite continues to do what he does best - craft tunes for the future. His impeccably blended style takes in so many motifs, from the euphoric feels of prog house through to the cosmic meanderings of 90s techno, this record has it all - including a beautiful remix from Roza Terensi - what's not to love! 

Check it out here:

Last Nubian - Better Jams (Tiff's Joints) 


We love feel good house groovers, and Last Nubian really has the magic touch when it comes to making delicate, intuitive feelers. This latest Ep of his is indefinitely impressive, with beautiful passages of keys blending themselves incredibly with drumming patterns that would get any floor moving. Stunning stuff.  

Check it out here:

zonin dj - Zonin EP (OCP)


Steppin' along, reading between the lines - that's the feel of this incredible EP from zonin DJ, his debut under the moniker. The tracks shift between differing sketches, that guide the focus from melodic frequencies through to rolling drumming shuffles, and the overall experience is utterly mesmerising. Strong, strong stuff. 

Check it out here:

Alako - Arch (dischi nottetempo)


They don't come much classier than this. Dischi has conjured up some beautiful offerings already, and on its third release Alako creates a downtempo masterpiece, with plenty of IDM and acid elements thrown in for good measure to help craft a beguiling, hazy floating dreamworld. 

Check it out here:

Super Drama - Family Drama Vol 2 (Super Drama) 


Its always a joyous affair when a new Super Drama record makes it out into the world, and on Vol 2 they pull out all the stops to help create that dancefloor of your dreams inside your mind. Featuring the talents of Chris Coco, Jorkes, Michelle Manetti, Ms G and FYI Chris, there's so much fun to wrap yourself around here - so what are you waiting for! 

Check it out here:

Gene Tellem - Mind Reader (Wolf Music) 


Gene Tellem is awesome, and this new album sees her really go for it in terms of eeking out every single drop of possibility from her incredible sound. All four cuts are a delight, with a weaving audial narrative that sings to the soul and sinks right into the bones. This is proper dance music, right here. 

Check it out here:

Precipitation - Ulterior Motives (IDS Recordings) 


IDS recordings is a label to certainly keep an eye on, and with a slew of excellent records to pick from this year, it was tough to pick just one, but we had to go with the one that has stuck with us the whole year. Precipitation crafts such beautiful worlds with his music, and here he blends the softest of IDM leaning tones with expressive, bountiful rhythmic structures. Gorgeous stuff. 

Check it out here:

Trinidadian Deep - Dub Rockas (Phuture Shock) 


Its very easy to fall in love with Trinidadian Deep's music, and when he conjures up records like this one, that notion only becomes second nature. The music unravels beautifully, organically reaching out and grooving along to the rhythms of nature, weaving the listener into its hypnotic structure as we bounce along into the sunset. ​

Check it out here:

Chari Chari - Folk Remedy Album (SeedsAndGround) 


Chari Chari's discography is a delight to run through, and with this unreleased project, we get yet another window into his enchanting world. Heavy on the Balearic vibes, the rhythms and melodies found here feel like they were produced at the edge of the world, drifting from the outer cosmos through to the ground on which we stand. Beautiful stuff. 

Check it out here:

Etari - Rainbow Eucalyptus (100% Silk) 


One of our highlights of the year. What Etari was able to conjure up here takes the breath away, with the movements between solid ambient euphoria counteracted with blissful rhythmic undulations that sing along to life itself. An album that lifted our spirits earlier this year, and one that will continue to put us in good moods for years to come. 

Check it out here:


Clafrica certainly knows how to conjure a vibe, and on this record he pulls out all the stops to showcase his diverse sound. The grooves are balanced, the feels genuine and heartfelt, and the concept makes us wait to get out there and dance around a basketball court. Incredible grooves! 

Check it out here:


We love purveyors of texture and feel here at EG, and Struiwigh is one of the finest to do it in the contemporary era. Her ability to merge solid states with dynamic textures is a marvel, and on this record we see her really extending her soundscape design into incredible new territories. 

Check it out here:


The ever impressive Puma & the Dolphin turns on the style on this wonderful record, that sees his deep and intricate style reach for new heights. The grooves are out of this world, the light melodic touches make the soul sing tremendously, with surprises found around every corner. Why not go take a dip? 

Check it out here:


Dreaming of better days has been a reality for many these past couple of years, and sometimes there are records which really evoke this kind of forward thinkingness. On top of a classic sounding 80s/early 90s house jam expertly crafted by Belgium producer Gratts, we have the iconic voice of Robert Owens, all of which crafts a warm sense of optimism. Brighter days are here again, for sure. 

Check it out here:


To dwell within a Lea Lisa record is to experience the past, the present and a bit of the future, all combined within a beautiful spectrum of keys and rhythm. This latest effort of hers is something else, bringing together some delightful chord progressions up above intricate and intelligently made beats. GU features too, so what's not to love! 

Check it out here:


The new one from Jennifer Loveless is a truly extraordinary piece of House music. Inspired by numerous forms of water, whether it be perspiration or the still of a lake. its an exploration into all things explosive and groovy, and we cannot get enough of it. 

Check it out here:


The latest one from Leisure is truly stunning. Keeping alive the traditions of the iconic 90s four tracker, this record features a beautiful original piece alongside some remixes from label friends. Its a family affair all round, and the emotions get laid bare by a close knit family of like minded individuals. 

Check it out here:

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