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Mugwump - Breakout (Extended)

Subfield/!K7 ) 

Belgian dj & producer Mugwump is an elusive presence with a solid tastemaker reputation preceded by in-famous DJ residencies at mythic Belgian clubs and a long-standing recording relation with Cologne’s Kompakt records, ongoing DJ support from the late Andrew Weatherall as well as a large catalogue of electronic ‘disco-techno’ records, released on leading labels R&S, Gigolo, Cocoon, Endless Flight, Eskimo, Permanent Vacation or International Feel. Mugwump runs the Leftorium clubnight in Brussels and his own Subfield label with indie power-house !K7.


Following albums "Unspell" (a mixture of slo-mo disco, new-beat, psychedelic pop and balearic) and "Drape" (a postpunk turn as a live band setting), Mugwump is back with new album “Pneuma” and its first anthem 'Breakout', which revives the worldwide 80’s jazz-funk-pop hit from UK band Swing Out Sister (formed by members from A Certain Ratio and Magazine).

Check it out here on our new youtube channel!

Full album release: 29/04/22


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