Never stop grooving to these recently overplayed Endless Groove favourites.



Here at Endless Grooves, disco is a way of life. It's rich, mesmerising, and full of joy, whats there not to love? Much like with the 90s sounds playlists, here are five current favourites from us. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did rinsing them over and over again.


Touch - Keep On (1982, Elite)


damnnnnn. This one just sounds like fucking sunshine! on the incomparable Elite label, that soundtracked a generation of British groovers, this tune is an instrumental sent from the Skys above. Synths glow and radiate, put an enormous smile on your face, its just like heaven.

Whilst not strictly disco, Brit Funk contained some key elements of the genre, which are all on display here. The grooving drums, that start up and drive between tempos and rhythms, delightful and uplifting melodies, gorgeous interplays and snazzy keys, it has all the ingredients to set a dance floor alight at any time of day. Or just enjoy at home, and bask in this tune's eternal radiance.


Chuck Davis Orchestra - Spirit of Sunshine (West End, 1977)


Another instrumental monster, off the superb West End imprint, that has delivered so many great nights and soundtracked many peoples lives with a never ending conveyor belt of disco mind melters. This tune insterestingly was released during Disco's hey day, and sounds so far off the mark regarding what was percieved as disco then.

A hard and heavy bass line, intense drumming and vocals, all around a beautifully arranged full sounding orchestral theme, this is big room disco at its very best. Full of surprises, notions and transitions, this one contains so many great elements its hard to list them off here. just press play yo!


Crown Heights Affair - Dance Lady Dance (De-Lite, 1977)


wooaoaar. This is a brilliant track, and again one full of twists and turns. Starting off with a shrill brass feel, then a chanted vocal comes in, before a wonderful breakdown into a slowed down disco emotive feeler. A real pearl of a track, Crown Heights Affair were a well known outfit in the pre disco period, their instrumentalism shines through on many of their releases. This one though takes the biscuit, brimming with such ease and freeness, and a synth solo unlike any other. Check this shit out!


Vance and Suzzanne - I can't get along without You (Vanton, 1980)


One of those disco tunes that just feels. Destined to set the dance floor into a state of emotion and vibes, it just has this real beauty to it. Like a combo of Emerson and Ashford and Simpson, the focus here is the interplay between the two singers, and boy is it something special. Delicate in its musicality, powerful in its range, strong as fuck in its groove. This is that late night burner we all need.

Recently reissued on Kalita! 


Master Jay and Michael Dee - T.S.O.B (The Sound of Brooklyn, 1980)


This is a nice end to the list. A proper groovy number, curtesy of the equally groovy Jimmy Ross, who produced some proper fabulous disco dee lites in the 1980s. This groover contains it all, a proper guitar heavy workout, like a revitalised and stripped down version of Chic. Here, the drums do their thing, but the guitar and the light chords do the damage. A proper vibe, this is the one! check it ooooot!