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Five soul tinged and jazz fuelled meals to get your heart and mind into.



Greg Perry - Smokin'

RCA Victor, 1977 


greg perry.jpg

A gorgeous, near flawless excursion through the mind of a soul genius. Perry had a relatively short career, this LP being his last after his debut 'One For The Road', but in a very brief period of time crafted some unreal ballads that still sound as sultry, silky and moving as they did back in the late 70s. 'Come Fly With Me' remains the absolute highlight of this record, a soaring and triumphant vocal delivery that contrasts so magically with the interlaying instrumentals below. A classy cut of soul that never fails. A true classique. 

Check it out below:


Ronnie Foster - Two-Headed Freap

Blue Note, 1972 


ronie foster.jpg

On Fo​ster's debut, we see a true talent introducing himself to the world. Armed with a Rhodes organ, over the course of 8 cuts we are mesmerised by the ambition of the key work, the craftsmanship of the composition and the beating heart in the centre that binds it all together. The flows between energies and tempos also helps to keep our interest remaining very much at a high level, with all kind of superb instrumentation abounding from every corner. Very much a highlight within the illustrious Blue Note discography. 

Check it out below:


Peace, Justice & Equality -  It's Time

Stone Cold Records, 1976


peace and justice.jpg

A wicked blend of harmonies and funky Beaty instrumentals make up this pre-disco masterpiece by the trio. Blending the sensibilities of high octane soul and Motown style vocal deliveries, Peace were one of a few bands to find that fine blend between funk and soul that became a real staple during the mid 70s, and with this effort they epitomised the very best this cross blend had to offer. 'Of All the Hearts' remains perhaps the most poignant, the longing vocals chime true above the enveloping guitar and soft keys deep in the background. Truly magical. 

Check it out below:


Jimmy Smith - Root Down 

Verve Records, 1972 


jimmy smith.jpg

One of Jazz-Fusions finest moments, recorded on wax. Jimmy Smith by this point had released countless records, and had established himself as a tour de force within the jazz scene. With this live record, he demonstrated his endless talents in memorable fashion, his hands doing all kinds of masterful things as the ebbs and flows simply take your breath away. 'Root Down' is certainly the highlight, a wonderful tune that blends and delves with such ease and wizardry you take a wee step back to marvel at it all. 

Check it out below:


Nucleus - Alleycat  

Vertigo, 1975



Finally, we finish up with a mind melter from UK band Nucleus. A record with a mind of its own, combining all kinds of ideals and sensibilities with absolute mastery and flair, with each tune moving so delicately and gracefully through space and time. Its spacious feel really invites the listener into its world, where solos and grooves interchange fluidly to create a vibrancy unlike no other. Sublime ain't even the word. 

Check it out below:


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