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A handbook to the extended Bam Jam family. 


On this page, we dedicate a little bit of space to each member from within the Bam Jam family, and beyond to creative friends and like minded individuals. 


The Moonlands 



The Moonlands are a foursome of songwriters and friends who write songs spanning heartwarming folk tunes to hard nosed blues songs with some stop-off in funky psychedelic soul town. From acoustic performances on rooftops to DIY gigs outside parliament, the moonladdies sing their wee hearts out, filling the airwaves with lush fourpart vocal harmonies.

Check out their youtube channel below:

And you can check out the music single for their brilliant single, 'Welcome to the Day', below: 

For The Birds 


for the birds.jpg

For the Birds Collective is a multidisciplinary experimental environment for artists to exchange experiences under one roof of philosophy. It’s a mutual support group operating both as a whole and containing individual artists and sub-groups. The main principle of the collective is that art is mundane and thus our lives are art.

Check out their soundcloud below: 




Mundane is a side project from Kit Bowen, who has been releasing tracks under the name since 2017. His music moves very much within the tonal realms, seeking to interlay atmospheric guitar playing with the aim of crafting open ended and sonically rich compositions. Since acquiring a synth, he has looked into expanding that world just a little bit, with the two compositions shown below a testament to this new direction. 

Listen to 'Isometrics', and 'That Time I looked at The Night Sky', recorded with Lucy Wilcox on the synth, below: 


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