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Delicate Wash - WASH#3 (Delicate Wash, 2019)

Four slices of edit heaven from the ever excellent Delicious Wash series.

Written by Lucy Wilcox

When my partner and I stumbled upon this unknown LP, our minds were blown by the fresh funky feels of Italio-Disco with an 80's flair of synths and a banging bass line. DELICATE WASH - WASH#3 prepares us with a four number track of pure flavoursome disco edits that steals your attention when you hear it playing in the background either at your friend’s house or even at a record shop. It may seem like that start of a brag but when I first heard this record it initially came to thought on not just how it sounded, but how it really executed those sounds and how it came to me at the right time when I wanted something obscure but it came with an unexpected cosmic twist which took me to a journey through time and space.

The first track we were introduced with is a sophisticated story of this sampled Italian pop song 'Oh, Angela', originally called Angela E' Cosi, also originally sung by Angela, the first song to be played on the A1 side. It introduces us to a funky slap bass with the seductive synth guiding us to a dramatic conclusion with the voice of the echoing narrator sings to us about the story of Angela, herself getting into a romantic predicament. The song has a very reminiscent style of Pedro Almodovar movies, and you would imagine this song being played at the start of a film, it’s cool, sexy, but somewhere at the end of the tunnel there is danger afoot so may you dare take another step.. But have a boogie first before it gets all serious! The second song, ‘Rhythme D’Or’ is a cool disco number with electrifying synth and guitar solos that hits all in the right high notes with a zestful pure taste of energy. This is a track that gets you up from that sofa and pumps you up with pure adrenaline, a fun tango twister to lose yourself into. B2 ‘Protracted Moment’ has perfected the art of a beautiful smooth guitar solo and a hyped drumming followed along with a cool bass number, then out blasts a beautiful sounds of a whistling synth, a funky tune to get you through towards the end of a fun yet ingenious adventure.

At last we get to our final song on the EP, ‘Clouds’, this song starts out with a beautiful slow intro with the soft beating of the maracas and then comes in the cool sophisticated guitar interlude with a Spanish flair opening the curtain where lies the magical jangling sounds of the piano. synths, the keyboards and even glockenspiels, where it feels like you’re being taken into a bright new colourful dimension through space. Giving you a sense of adventure supported by the funky bass lines with very powerful key numbers that puts you through a Rainbow Road ride with 80’s nostalgia but in a very polished way of establishing itself. It ended perfectly with a quirky old school 8 Bit effect to finish off this fun mission we had in the stars of this stimulating journey we had through this album.

DELICATE WASH 3 is one of the best records that I am proud to have added to my collection, as it has such tasteful sounds of Italio written all over it.. and it’s just cool, everything about this album is just so fucking cool! It’s refreshed, invigorating and unique in it’s own way and it’s cleverly assembled and yet somehow balanced a sentimental time capsule to it’s 80’s roots from an array of bass and synths to subtle video game sounds without sounding off-putting or cheesy. However, this was done with sophistication, perfection, and a sense of excitement that knows how to ignite a fire to the party.

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