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Detroit Party Posse feat. Daddy - Number Of My Heart (Leisure Records, 2021)

What happens when a collection of like minded individuals converge in the same place at the same time? a hefty collection of beautiful dance tunes, that's what!

There are few things more iconic in dance music than the multi-mix four tracker, and its a tradition that dates back well over the past 30 years and beyond. Whilst the first major steps into editing and remixing tracks was undertaken during the pre-disco and disco eras of the mid to late 70s, the art was taken further within the 80s as new singles were often accompanied by dub versions, 7" versions, 'dance' versions, instrumental mixes and so on and so forth. It became a time where a track had multiple dimensions, a reflection of the different contexts in which people got down and also taking into account the length of sets that might take in the early evening, the middle of the night, and the dawn of a new morning. The format allowed for creative minds to spin their own tale within the track, adding in new elements to emphasis certain elements within the cut that helped to make it individualised but still stand true alongside the original track. The House scene would see the format move into even more ambitious territories, as maybe one or two tracks dedicated to showing a differing side of the source material developed into 4 to 5 to maybe even 6 differing interpretations, and with large steps forward in technology the tunes really did begin to sound distinctive and allow for producers to really leave their mark on their takes. These differing interpretations provided a number of experiences to listeners and party goers, with movements often occurring from slowed down jams through to maximising the potential of the groove into high octane rhythms, it was all about investing in the freedoms that the 80s and 90s had to offer both musically and technically. These records also provided the opportunity for label mates to contribute to vinyls on a consistent basis, which helped to forge bonds between themselves that only furthered the musical identity of the label through cross-collaboration. To this day, we see records being released very much in these traditions, where a producer might invite a friend or two to offer up remixes that allow for a re-imagining of their material, providing the record with an alternative edge that adds to the overall narrative in which the original cuts were created within. As a result, the art of four versions of a single track remains alive and well, with numerous labels utilising this format as a way to bring together their wider family members to bring their styles together under one roof, removing the notion of geographical separation for the benefit of all. The format remains a mystifying journey through differing realms of interpretation, where each producer feels the love for the original composition and is given the freedom to stamp their own mark on it - all the while helping to contribute to a thread that links all the versions together, as the collectivised mindset looks to solidify the notion of togetherness and shared harmony through rhythmic pulses and melodic similarities. 4 mixes, 4 interpretations, 4 angles in which to love and appreciate multiple versions of the same cut, we remain entrenched within all that this experience has to offer, with movements from differing contexts and moods providing us with a total feeling in our hearts.

As if to remind us all just how special these multiple mix records can be, the Detroit Party Posse got together for a brief period of time (but almost certainly not for the last) and conjured up some wondrous flavours inspired by the city in which they converged on. The party posse consists of Leisure Records label head Andrew Joesph, Italian house wizard Nicola Loporchio and Chicago based vocalist Daddy, all of whom have shared musical passions and have cropped up previously on each others records in the past. Joesph, who releases tracks under the Paid Time Off alias, has conjured up a real vibe on the Leisure Records imprint, with a kaleidoscope of genres being included on each release, with a real collection of talent firmly behind those records. Dipping from groove tinged deep house through to electro, deep and gritty disco through to soaring future jazz, there's something for everyone but the importance very much focuses on the vibe that persists between releases, with a real sense of musical development being created between records. Both his own releases, 2018's 'Drinks/Causal Friday' and 2020's 'Itza Blackout', both demonstrate Joesph's deep technicality behind his hardware and a revitalising passion that seeps through the music from the top to the bottom, giving over a feeling of overt positivity and delight throughout. Another producer in the group who conveys a sense of rhythmic majesty and pure joy in his music is producer, label head and all round talented Nicola Loporchio, who via his imprint Cosmic Rhythm and his countless aliases has crafted one of contemporary dance music's most significant and emotive discographies. Cosmic Rhythm has been at the forefront of house for quite some time now, with a conveyor belt of absolute winners coming our way that reflect Italy's rich musical heritage and the sensibilities of ethereal contemporary deep house that will always remain so very special. Loporchio has done a superb job at crafting a label identity that means people will always flock to purchase the latest 12" due to the contents being of the highest quality deep/dream house around on the current market, such is the consistency of quality that is pushed out the Cosmic Rhythm Door. Not only does he oversee the label, but Loporchio releases significantly on it too, utilising a wide array of aliases to explore every facet imaginable of his sound via solo or group projects like B.U.M, KETAMA, Loss Of Gravity, Rydm Sectors, Mediterranean Key Collective and many more, along with a plethora of releases under his name that draw power from many other genres. Loporchio's musical universe is a very in-depth one, and with every release we get drawn further and further into his enchanting world, where the vibrations are always on a positive and thought provoking wavelength, and the sun is seemingly always setting in the far away horizon line, crafting a deep blue hue over us as we smile and dance away to the groove. To wrap up the trio, we have Chicago based vocalist and performer Daddy, who will be laying out some smooth words on top of the tunes we are about to get into.

The resulting EP of that brief interlude in the Motor City gave birth to The Detroit Party Posse, and their debut EP 'Number Of My Heart'. The original cut shines brightly at the front of the pack, but its the supporting ensemble that continue to capture the imagination, as the trio pull together varying aliases and producers to come into the fold and spin their own take on the original cut. Iconic house producer Vincent Floyd, who has employed Loporchio in the past to do remixes for his own releases, pops up with a brilliant interpretation of the original cut, whilst Loporchio brings in creative partner in crime Michele Lamacchia to craft a KETAMA style spin on proceedings. Finally, Joesph wraps up the record with a suitably funk fuelled Balearic cut that ends the release on a very high point indeed. Like everything that has come before on the Leisure Records imprint, the music is transfixing throughout, with a massive emphasis on keeping it in the family ensuring that the ideas flow and bounce off one another, leading to the crafting of a beautiful musical experience. It may have only been for a brief moment in time, but the Party Posse sure do know how to cultivate a family vibe - and as a result, the music sounds really awesome indeed. Four mixes, four interpretations, four differing vibes for us to immerse ourselves in, and so with that, lets dive head first into the night that we found the number to the heart.....

Up first comes the original mix, which does so much to set the vibe for what is to come. The scene opens up with the chiming keys moving up above some delicious drumming patterns, with the kicks heralding the disappearance of the initial key line but ushering in the core melodic progression, consisting of gorgeous filtered jazz keys and a delightful bass line that whispers softly underneath. Another prominent key line comes in from up high, chiming along to the original sequence, as if to play out a melodic narrative together, and this is when the song takes a dip in energy to provide space for Daddy to smoothly discuss the code to his heart. '66, 99, 33,0' repeat twice, followed by 'thats the number of my heart', and we then head right back into the main rhythm, which sees the keys on top really shine with all the light and meaning in the world. There is such a reverberation of love and adoration that come through on this track, a deep warmth that just rolls off the tongue of every element in the track, keeping the ball rolling as Daddy comes back into the view to speak once more about the manner of acquiring the heart, with his voice repeating as the track sees itself out into the night sky, leaving us with only a glimmer of hope of finding what we were looking for, with only the memory of the feeling remaining. A gorgeous cut indeed. Up next comes the Vincent Floyd remix, and this one sees the story getting expanded upon a little bit more. The drums are spacious and rolling, leading the way as the keys start to emerge on top, delicately chiming away to the rhythms that verge and sway underneath, and this is when Daddy comes into the picture to provide some more narrative to the ever growing story. 'How I Adore You....My One Night Stand' is a line that sticks out, providing some context to the picture being painted amongst the sea of gorgeous melodies and tones, moving us to some very special places indeed as Floyd's synth work provides a really compelling backdrop indeed. He perfects the art of finding a balance between the chorus line we had become familiar with in the original cut and the drawn out verses, with the overall vibe like a hazy emotive trip that revolves around distant conversations happening in lit rooms as we walk down the streets of Detroit. The track moves through differing melodic structures that help to keep the momentum flowing at a very steady level, keeping us fully engaged with both the keys and Daddy's voice, with the two wavelengths pulsating in a perfect harmony that keeps you locked in from the off. Every element has this positive hypnotic quality to it, worming its way into the deepest pleasure nodes of the mind as we close our eyes and picture something extraordinary begin to emerge. We now feel completely immersed in this world, as if we are speaking directly to Daddy himself. Gorgeous stuff, on every level.

Up next comes the KETAMA version of events, and this one begins with the by now well versed drums leading the way. The chords arrive soon after, with their jazzy jump like feel more prominent and significant in this cut, moving from left to right to the centre as if leaping over the cymbals and hats, with dips in energy afforded to allow the chorus line to ring out across the musical plains. Delightful additions include swirling key lines and a subtle bass line that pounds along underneath, providing a sense of depth to the rhythmic excellence that is occurring on top. In true KETAMA fashion, there is a real emphasis on the scope and scale of the keys, with the spatial design top draw as always, allowing us to soak up all the emotion of the occasion. The balance between narrative heavy sections and instrumental breaks is well defined and transitioned between with a real sense of intent, like with the Floyd mix there is a real emphasis placed on looking to expand the concept of the original cut and dip it within an expanded universe. There's still time to bathe ourselves in the lush warm hues a little bit longer, but before long the drums take over and see the track out, ending as it means to go on as a rhythmic pulse to our daily lives. Beautiful, as always. And finally, to wrap things up, we have the PTO 69 Re-Vibe version of events, and this one begins with the sultry drums leading the way with the vocal line layered on top. The track then takes a dip down to introduce numerous layers, including some glorious key work and a bass line to die for, which then builds right back into the core drum pattern that sees chordal arrangements flow like water on top, the vibe now completely in flow. The focus on more minimal melodic arrangements that focus on providing density on the sides of the pan allows for continued sequences to arrive into view, with the vocals utilised in the same way as to move the track through via the layering of segments. This all works so very well together, keeping the blood pumping as we get to know all these beautiful features that are found within the rhythmic structure, calling out to us to get to acquainted and familiar with one another, and like that the track looks to see itself out the door. We look around and wonder if we had ever found the number to the heart, but its already firmly in our memories as the record comes to an end, with the feelings conveyed throughout some of the best we have heard in a while.

A four tracker that offers up an original version and 3 remixes can sometimes be quite tricky to pull off, but everyone involved here simply adds excellence with every cut that comes our way. The original version provides a skeletal framework that hints at who picked what and why elements sound like they do, and the remixes just confirm who designed the keys, how the drums sound, and how the vocals flow and fit the mood. That is always the sign of a record created in this way being done the ideal way, as to allow for us to be provided with an audial narrative that just expands to provide us with more intrigue to the story. Its a tale of love, trust and lust, and we are always listening in with great intent as to what might come next in this tale, with the music portraying such a vivid picture in a set of styles that compliment each other so very well. As a collective experience, you leave feeling that pleasant warmth in your mind and body, the music and words doing much to appease our yearning for meaningful dance music, and as ever Leisure Records have certainly got you covered. Take a dip into it, you might just picture yourself in Detroit, for one night only. Wonderful in every sense of the word.

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