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DJ Catering - STI Vol 1 (Eclipse Tribez, 2020)

A mix through the bold and brave, the cusp of ravey greatness, on this short but brilliantly sweet mix from the Catering guy.

When you happen across old rave videos and mixes on youtube or on the web, there is an immediate sense of energy, a spirit that is harnessed through it, through time and space to an era where carefreeness and joyous expressionism lasted all night long. For those who lived through it, these tapes are journeys back into the depths of their memories, whilst for those who never had the chance to experience a full on rave during the golden years, we can only simply picture and reminisce over something we actually never got the chance to be a part of. A flicker in time, a flash in the pan. You do at times get pulled within these tapes though, their constant evolutions within sound representing the ebbs and flows of the dance floor, always maintaining the energies whilst exploring how far people are willing to go.

This new mix by DJ Catering for the awesome Eclipse Tribez label is an intense, passionate and evocative trip through the realms of dub techno and jungle, where the rave sways to the flows of life, giving us over a feel of intense contentment. The mix itself, consisting of two near 20 minute long sides, expertly moves between styles and feels with the most fluid of feels, transitioning and moving between gears with ease. Whilst the first side is all about championing the build up, the movement between various plains, the second half is all about poweeeerr, shifting between gears with all the recklessly dynamic energy you would expect from a rave tape. Perfect for the deep night lights off kinda vibe, or just cruising on your way to your next heart pumpin' euphoria inducing field meet up. Wonderful shit right here.

Check out the tape in full here:

You can listen to and purchase the entirety of Eclipse Tribez discography here:

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