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Eris Drew - Raving Disco Breaks Vol 1 (Mix, T4T LUV NRG, 2019)

'Your favourite DJs favourite DJ'

These were some of the first words I read relating to Eris Drew, from an event I believe. Intrigued, I listened to one of her mixes from youtube, and was quite blown away. A disciple of turntables, Drew's mixing style is sublime, beyond words even. A blend of rave, house, soft techno, all the while a break beat is never too far away, is an alluring combination for this writer, and I was fascinated. I then saw her play with Objekt in Glasgow, and it was ethereal. I was elevated to her plain of music intrigue, seeing her having the time of her life, letting the music sing from the records, just standing there, with a huge grin on my face. The music playing touched my very soul, making me feel on a dance floor like I hadn't done for a while. She created connections with many of the crowd that night, through her brilliant selection, cunning use of scratching, and her personality, that shone through within the murky depths of La Cheetah.

Still feeling the goodness from her set, I was overjoyed to be able to hear a newly curated mix from the goddess herself. 'Raving Disco' is a journey, I tell you, from the breakbeat 90s vibes at the start, where three songs seem to be blending in at the same time (I know thats not true, but I like to think it is), to wholesome deep cuts, and lovely moments of humanisation that come in the form of scratching. Just to remind you that she's still there, cause you're probably a bit lost in the deep cosy blue by this point. An effortless mix, expertly executed, and brimming with superb selections, this mix stands out for so many reasons. I implore people with an interest in mixes that just don't beat along, but make you feel, surprise you, and take you away, to give this a mother fucking listen. Ya know, you might just feel it too.

This mix, 'Raving Disco Breaks Vol 1', is the first release on Drew and her partner, Octo Octa's, new label, T4T LUV NRG. A new album from Octa is scheduled for release in the near distant future. The mixtape proceeds are going to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP), that fight discrimination and prejudice of every kind.

Listen here, and purchase, from Drew's Bandcamp:

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