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Levon Vincent - Dance Music Pt. 2 (Novel Sound, 2019)

Mr Vincent invites you to dance for the second time, as part of his Dance Music trilogy.

No one quite encapsulates the deepness and raw side of house quite like Levon Vincent. His output alone merits praise simply in its variety and consistency, with a steady stream of powerful dance music coming from his finger tips. Like with so many of the great producers, he has retained his own style, exploring the facets of electronica to being righty placed amongst the most revered of producers, whilst never losing sight of his style.

Chugging away, ‘Dance Music Pt. 2’ basically does what it says on the tin. An effortless vacation into the deep dark crevasses of house and techno, Vincent blends his signature vibe into four groovers that roll real deep and heavy, but put an instant smile on the face of many a dancer. The second of the three ‘Dance Music’ series released thus far, Vincent once again gets into the elements of his craft, with slight but welcomed changes in melodies and vibes meaning that for a four track ep, there is an everlasting sense of euphoria.

The one track on side A, ‘Untitled’, starts off with a deep and heavy beat, lifting the listener into interest, before a synth line leads into a more rounded beat that continues the drive forward. The sound flows and rolls, continually transcending then returning back down to its original progression. Little subtle pads float along, but it is really the drums that add so much to this track. It is the intelligent manner in which the synths recede then power through, as the drums respond likewise. It is difficult to maintain this level of repetitive groove over such a long period of time, but Vincent manages it beautifully. The end result is a tune that is expertly crafted, full of energy and vigour, and one that will move dancers all night long (if it is requested once again). The end of the energy train comes into a more classic Vincent sound, a frantic and ever changing synth electro boogie tune that weaves and wraps around the earholes. It is captivating in its frenzied energy, and in some ways is hard to pinpoint the exact context for which this music could be enjoyed best. Perhaps deep in a Legowelt, or even Aphex twin set, could this tune really shine, but for home listening, it draws you in and sucks you out.

Side B sees ‘Untitled’ (yes, all the tracks are untitled) move in, perhaps the least complex of the tunes on the album, but still an emotive and deep thinking kind of tune. A simmering and heated synth line hypnotically moves above a four on four beat, with cymbals and other elements adding to the harmony. Before finally, the ep reaches its stand out moment. The final track on the B side is an absolute stunner, a perfect combination of old school house repeated stabs and evocative pads contributing to a song that exudes euphoria. Like with the rest of the ep, it is the little musical details that make this song so phenomenal. The build up of keys on keys, the flitering of the kick drum (which remains the only drum element of the entire song), the timely placed synth lick that drives the song and dancers into outer space. A journey that you wish never ended, a melody perfected by its simplicity, its grace and honesty (haha). Then, for one moment, the drums are released, leaving just the keys, before everything comes back together once more for a final run to the finish line. Majestic could be the word, it probably is.

Levon Vincent is a producer always at the forefront. Never fading, always exploring, with this ep and the other eps in the Dance Music series, he has created a series of eps that do just what they said on the tin: music for people to dance to. This record exudes energy, through its raw channelling of classic and modern dance music vibes, working both as a dance floor weapon and a at home mesmerising beauty. This is perhaps the most telling aspect of this EP, a journey through the energetic and the emotive, to a conclusion that leaves the listener wishing to hear it deep in the mix. Personally, it is very exciting to see what he comes up with next.

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