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Various Artists - Music for Five Post Cards (Ville Nouvelle, 2018)

Music from the Riveria at your doorstep, five tunes for five vibes.

Like drinking a fine beverage out in the sun, enjoying the finer things in life. like the name suggests, Music for Five Post Cards represents a joyous sun drenched journey through some Paradiso environment, from the straight up to the slowed down. As is to expect from Ville Nouvelle, a label that since 2016 has released some mesmerising tunes that have soundtracked many a summer party or setting. Intimate, delicate and balanced, it was certainly a highlight ep from an extremely strong 2018, and one that displays some fantastic new talent from all corners of the globe.

Kicking things off is ‘Liffey falls’ by Soda lite, a lush and vibrant breezy Balearic tune, conjuring up feels of the deep blue hues of coastal days gone by. Its delicate touch serves up well for Jose Roboter’s ‘Imaginary Scenes’. A tune that would effortless fit in to the Italian dream house of the late 80s and early 90s, its melodic and soft nature warm the ears and the soul. Undoubtedly, the highlight of the ep is the chugging and emotive ‘Oiseau et Moi’ by rising star River Yarra. Dance floor ready, 4am hands in the air sort of stuff, this is a tune of staggering ambition, characterised by its deep pulsating bass lead, that does most of the work within the opening segment of the tune (complimented brilliantly by the sound of tropical birds). Then, a haunting female vocal sweeps in, followed swiftly by the acid squelch, that lifts this tune to new heights. The build from this point, as the tune goes full circle away from the stripped out euphoria and back into a fully rounded beauty.

The fun don’t stop there, as Canadian producer Regularfantasy steps up with ‘Queen (962 Cardero Mix 1.6). A straight up dance work out, classically starting with drenched out synths into a straight up 90s infused dance beat, complete with a multitude of hand claps that drive dancers forward. Delicate synth lines gracefully overlap, layering intricately with such a balance its really difficult to not get lost within it. This track is a real testament to the strength of the Canadian scene right now, and this won’t be the last time I will touch on this! To complete a journey of simmering heights and gorgeous deeps, Aquatic Language completes the tail with ‘untitled (minor acid)’. Like a downtempo Med fantasy, this is by far the most evocative song on the album, conjuring up tropical fruits and sailing ships on the horizon whilst sipping a tall glass of milky goodness. It is a fitting end to an ep brimming with talent, musicality and moods, flavours of richness and delights.

Long may Ville Nouvelle’s musical journey continue. It is wonderful to see a label pull tunes from varying locations, and for it to all come together so beautifully Is rewarding and enriching for music lovers. Alongside Too Smooths Christ’s superb ‘LD Fantasy Tracks’, this remains the label’s strongest and most musically complex release. Exciting times lie ahead. Go on, have a listen and take a trip to the Rivera.

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