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My Girlfriend - Apron EP (Apron, 2019)

Funky, fresh, enlightening sounds from Brazil's latest musical prodigies.

Its so wonderful the manner in which electronic music evolves organically. This fact retains true all over the latest ep from Funkineven’s Apron Records, curtesy of My Girlfriend, a funk synth drenched duo from Brazil. Like Perodica records or Manuel Darquart on steroids, the ep oozes class from start to finish, with its high intensity drumming patterns a real testament to the 909 and the art of synthy deepness. Their first EP, ‘My Girlfriend’, displayed a wide spectrum of musical influences and sounds, and its joyful adventurous ability to blend styles together made for an exciting debut. However, with this, their second release, the experimentation is honed in on blissed out house music, from the pulsating to the slow burning, this EP has it all.

The opening track, ‘Piercing’, does just that, but not in the bad way, but in a immediately attention grabbing piece of keys richness that draws you in perfectly into the mood of the rest of the EP. The deep harmonic almost old school Detroit-esq pads lie underneath a striking synth solo, that ebbs around delightfully, piercing in its sound but gentle, never truly over powering the melodic masterclass occurring underneath. And just as your attention can give no more, it ends, with an undramatic fade out. What comes next, ‘Gidi’, is a straight up all over the floor groover. Expertly built up, the classy bass synth introduces the groove, with a delicate line on top. Cymbals and snares drive around effortlessly, before a Delroy Edwards hard hitting drum line kicks in. The genius of this track is in the intricate level of keyboards, all participating in a musicality evident from this duo’s first EP. Their craftsmanship is truly evident here; where many have create repetitive and bland straight up house music, this tune encapsulates quite the opposite, primarily due to the subtle brilliance of the overlapping melodies, and that god damn bottom synth - through any system, it sounds so unbelievably powerful. A real statement of intent. To finish off side A, ‘Modal’ is a funk slammer, and would fit in perfectly amongst the latest generation of Italian discotech and funk producers. Its drumming patterns and keys work in tandem to create a driving energetic burner, that still brims with emotion. The transitions are what make this tune, very subtle and slight, but overflowing with summery goodness. Hi hats thrown in for equal measure!

Towards side B, ‘Believe in Something’ continues the energy of the previous tune; deep, driving, bright and sunny, it conjures up hazy summer days spent doing not much at all. The duos musical qualities are again on show here, with a bass line pounding along to frantic drums, and slow delightful synth lines. Like with track 1, a very solid synth solo breaks out above, but never threatens to take away from everything happening underneath. If anything, it compliments the energy perfectly, bouncing and reverberating all that exists beneath. As the longest song on the album, it is moulded exceptionally, with elements moving in and out at perfect times, to create a tune that unlike the others relies less on small interplays but more scenic transitions. This takes the listener through a journey unlike any other track on the EP, always moving forward. ‘Corner Club’ takes the listener through to the streets, a carnival vibe with vibing drums and a fuller set of instruments on top, like the previous tune. Bubbling away, this tune keeps grooving away, content in its feel, easing along with its soft magic. The final tune, ‘Finger’, combines all the energies felt on the album. Low fi, energised, deep, jazzy, tonal. It is a fitting end to a delightful EP that brims energy and exudes musicality at every turn.

In the end, My Girlfriend have served up a slab of majestic house goodness. An EP that showcases, in a more refined and directed sort of way, the promise of the duo, with a dynamic and emotive release that will surely be playing in all kinds of places come summer. A magical dip into the summer, with My Girlfriend.

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