PLO Man - Plastic Little (Acting Press, 2019)

A mix full of living, breathing, electronica, that moves and swells with the actions and notions of life itself.

PLO Man always brings a little something special to the table. His productions speak of times past, full of driving drums and destructive yet soft riddims, but are filled with these moments of life affirmation. The synths and pads create atmospheres and textures we can all get lost in, scenes and soundscapes that impact on the mind as much as the feet. As head of Acting Press, he has overseen the release of a plethora of instant classics, from his work with Globex, this years Neurotribe release, and Attitudes in Error's excellent 2015 release 'Vplay', the label has thrown everything it has at us. We absorb it, understand it, and grow within it. Honestly, check out this label, its all superb modern day dance ecstasy.

This mix was recorded in Georgia, as part of the 7th birthday celebrations of Mkvartze in Tbilisi. On this mix, PLO man drifts from other worlds, to songs rich in textures, to emotive soundscapes dripping with feels and vibes. The manner in which the mix drifts is something to behold, with the first 20 minutes or so focusing on the manner of soft sounds hypnotising us with emotion, before the drums kick in just after that. But not for it all to sail away again, drifting back towards the outer reaches. This is the mix for anyone with an interest in 90s sounds, dub techno, atmospheric techno and electronics. It is applied emotive electronics, would be a good name for it. The name of the mix is appropriate in so many ways, an idea of leaving what we know to head into the unknown, before leaving once again to explore forever more. So, go on then, set sail with PLO on a journey through the outer reaches and perimeters of electronic music, this is a trip you wanna go full throttle on.

check out the mix below:

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