R Kitt - Ripples From the Edge (Night Tide, 2020)

Kitt serves up some wholesome emotive techie goodness on this latest offering from the fantastic Night Ride label.

Windows into worlds often occur during listening to music, in many wondrous and expansive ways. Music with scopes that journey far and wide always provide the most fascination, where grooves and nodes nestle gently into an ever expanding sky filled with light colour and mood. Many producers look to the fine membrane between the beaty side of things, looking to incorporate progressions that do much with their melodies, but time the beats to perfect in order to allow the magical to occur. This always provides the listener with something to continually come back too, many doors to meander down and feel enriched by it all. That's what it is all about, good electronica. We read between the lines to write our own narrative, the nature of tracks allows us to choose how deeply we dive, how long our story becomes, or what our experience shall be. When tracks can do this at home or in the club, you have something special in your hands.

Night Tide, helmed by Berlin based producer Eluize, has been churning up some seismic releases over the past few years. A label that touches on the tender side of things, every release comes as a package that delves into many parts of the human experience, providing us with something to dance with along with something we can get in touch with. But there is always a surprises thrown in there, moments where we stop and take note of something that bucks the trend, but slots into proceedings so effortlessly. Eluize has released three records on the label, including the 2016 label debut 'Talk in Technicolour', that followed in the producers fine tradition of impeccably balanced musical progressions and emotive roots; 2017s 'For the Forgetful', that dived deeper into the spectrum to serve up some all killer no filler bangers; and finally 2017's 'Technicolour Shift', that introduced some smokin hot remixes of her works that further confirmed the labels dedication to a wide diversity and further emotive development. Albrecht La'Brooy released their excellent 'Emissary' EP on the label in 2017, with THOMMYY RA and Simonn releasing their joint EP 'Lost Journey' in 2016, another house epic that touches on more facets of our wide electronica world, with riddim and groove as far as the eye can see. What we get a sense of from all this, is that the label has an eye for something that transcends genres, moods and melodies. We get all the flavours, from all walks of life and all views of the world, incorporated into a label that does so much to give us everything we could ever desire.

So now we turn our attention to their latest release, R Kitt's 'Ripples From the Edge' EP. Kitt has been a prominent member of the Irish scene for a while, and has released some top draw records over the years, on imprints such as Pear, Lunar Disko and the like, all of which showed his touch for the big melodic moments and fantastic switches in transition, but always done in a very thoughtful and considered way. On his latest outing, he takes a further step into the more pacey side of techno and electro, but always keeping an eye over his shoulder on what has made him a very exciting producer indeed. A delicate touch, a smooth melodic groove, and the power to keep it all moving forward with grace and class. So, lets take a dip.

First up we have the title track, in its original form. What begins out as a key sequence, dipping in and out of our peripheral vision, jumping from side to side, is slowly joined by swirling key lines that fill the gaps with ease and comfort. Like a series of natural motions, we imagine the swirling grass in the summer time, moving all around us as we soak in the afternoon sun. Soon though, we are wisked away, as the kick provides the energetic vibe that was always gunna be introduced with this one. Deep set vocals abound in the background, and alongside all this the bass comes into play, looking to take centre stage. The keys from the intro still rule proceedings, but everything introduced also knows where to do its thing and when not to, as snares gently move into the frame. The melodic keys move away for a moment, to give space to the vocals and some woodwind pads, within this more freeform part of the tune. If the opening part was the structure, this is the restructured, Kitt really showing us his compositional and layering skills. The kick comes into play one more time, picking up a different feel, where more drawn out chords replace the incessant drive of the sequenced key lines, as we gradually move away into the bliss. Next comes 'I Wish You Hadn't Said', that begins in similar fashion to the opener. A series of washed out synth lines open things up, with a high octane click giving the track much more of that new age space feel, and oh boy! the bass line goes along for the ride, acting as the key progressive element of the track. The electro drums begin, what a set up, as the track moves into full on fucking swing. The combo of the click and the bass line just adds such a powerful dynamic to proceedings, the drums almost falling away every time they decide to throw their head above the front line, as if they have to time their movement to perfection. The bass line morphs, growing in intensity, worming its way through our mind and beyond, as it de swells to signify a break in it all. The ravey chords begin their stabs, as the melody is allowed time to work itself on the listener, before the electro beat comes back into play. Like with the first track, Kitt presents us with a structured intro that allows for the spontaneous to occur, for the unknown to excel. Then comes the break, and like magic, all these other considered elements align themselves to leave us with another experience entirely. The balance of getting this right is so difficult, but he pulls this all off with ease. Such a piece of chuggy brilliance.

Next comes 'Strange Perspective', that begins off with some lovely layering of chord sequences. A series of fast paced keys interlaced with soft pads that just cry out to be loved, are then complimented by the slowest beat yet, but it might just be the most in depth. A slow tango of an electro beat swings along to the chords, providing space for the bass line to do its thing between the lines. The track progresses along these lines, swaying in the breeze, as we nod our head along to its self contained masterclass. The chimes and tones are on point, again allowing for Kitt's signature introductions of lines that add depth and textural complexity to proceedings. The stabs of the bass give way for the drums to be kick started, as the track moves and grooves through the motions and deep into the night. Stellarrr. Next comes 'Stitch Up', that once again channels some synth goodness into the intro. The delicate layering then jumps aboard the freight train as the electro drums once again kick us into touch. The highs and the lows are accommodated here in equal measure, as the melodic high ends sit atop a beautiful bass line that does things to all those concerned. A vocal break gives time for a breather, before its right back into it, the bass line doing wonders. The backing bit does its absolute most to divide our attention, creating a big space for us to fill. This is such a vibe, the atmosphere created in the voids is so exact and tantalising its hard to refuse such a tempting offer. This track perhaps speaks the most out of all involved. To finish things up, we have 'Machine Damhsa', and the EP ends as it means to go on. The track begins with the bass taking the lead, as the track descends into this laserriffic show of light colour and sound. Moving more into the progressive side of things, we have the techno stabs driving right through the middle, with the deep chugs of the bass underlying it all, and the up tempo kicks moving from the depths and up above. The break signifies all, allowing for all the elements to reshuffle and take their place for the next phase of the journey. Perhaps more than his other track, Kitt really takes his time to elaborate on every synth, every sequence, every sound, so that when the kick comes back in, we feel every ounce of the goodness that emulates from this pumped up stunner.

Wow, what a vibe. Kitt really does delve deep on this one, taking us through all the spectrums of that which is good and holy, but in many ways its the composition here that will always stick with us. The manner of balancing the songs in most cases into two acts, where elements fall away, get restructured, and reconfigured, demonstrates to us a producer at ease with his creations, with an ability to read how his layered and dynamic approach to unravel for the benefit of the dance or for the home alone listener. This is an EP unrivalled in its beaty goodness, one that will require many listens in order to dive truly into its brilliant essence. Oh yes!

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