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The Endless Grooves Favourites of 2020

In what has been a unprecedented year in every shape of the word, we look back at some of the incredible music that has found its way into the world, which took the form of resistance, meaning, hope and a longing to dance together once again.

There's some LPs, EPs, Compilations and Reissues, in no particular order for you to peruse at your leisure, which represent some of our favourites here at EG.


Rozi Terenzi - Modern Bliss (Planet Euphorique)

Katie Campbell has for some time ridden the sonic wavelengths that realm within the deep excesses of the human consciousness, with her EPs highly celebrated for their diversity in beats and melodic features, as a really signature sound begins to emerge that is both bold and highly complex. The stage was aptly set for her to extend the feels out over a long play, which amounted in her utterly breathtaking debut, which simply extends the vision beyond a four tracker and into an even more technically brilliant and musically diverse world, one that seems to expand just that little bit bigger with every listen. You'll find yourself gazing at the stars for days on end, that's for sure.

check it out and purchase here: https://planeteuphorique.bandcamp.com/album/modern-bliss

Joey Anderson - Rainbow Doll (Avenue 66)

If morphology and diversity in melodic tendencies are what you crave, then this is certainly the album for you. Anderson has for years continually refined his craft and tone, with his sound operating somewhere between the differing yet consistently mirroring genres of house and techno. On this new LP, we see Anderson at his most expressive and personal, with so many gorgeous progressions that are permeated at times with contemplative vocal work. It all serves to highlight a producer very much at ease with his style, and one we predict to keep on growing for years to come. A beautiful piece of dance music.

Check it out and purchase here: https://acidtestrecords.bandcamp.com/album/joey-anderson-rainbow-doll

Borrowed CS - Grooves (Self-Released)

Cory Champion remains one of dance music’s most engaging figures, with a plethora of releases that span right across the board, from soulful looping house right through to deep driving techno. But, no matter what the stylistic context, one thing always prevails in his music, and that is his superb technique and compositional application. On his latest LP under the Borrowed CS name, this notion is on full display throughout, as we weave through some wonderfully put together soundscapes fuelled by delicate keys and cutting edge drumming patterns. It all unravels in such a satisfying manner, and remains a record that will be revisited for years to come.

Check it out and purchase here: https://borrowedcassettes.bandcamp.com/album/grooves

Cinthie - Skylines - City Lights (Aus Music)

Ever the diversifier in relation to her sound, Cinthie ChristI has constantly defined so many of the micro evolutions that have occurred in the past few years within the global house sound, with her fingers continually on the pulse in regards to movements onwards and upwards. Her latest LP is very much testament to both her forward thinking ness and her continual exploration of what’s possible within her wider style, with continual movements between straight up hard hitting house, powerful garage rhythms and seemingly everything in-between. Its a real statement from the Berlin based producer, who we feel has a lot more to say going onwards.

Check it out and purchase here: https://ausmusic.bandcamp.com/album/skylines-city-lights

JISR - Too Far Away (Free Soul Inc.)

There’s been some mighty fine debut albums this year, and one of our absolute favourites has to be the debut LP from the JISR collective. Led by percussionist and singer Dr Mohcine Ramdan, the collective consists of some of Barvaia’s finest musicians, who all share a like minded vision with Ramdan in crafting some of the most spell binding rhythms and melodically enriching sequences going. Under the umbrella of Pan-Oriental sounds, the group merge world spiritual jazz, Gnawa music and elements of Afro beat into a stunning morphing sound that moves from incredibly tender emotive moments and quietly explosive expressions of pure joy. Its an album for the ages, with its musical content lasting for a lifetime, and then some more.

Check it out and purchase here: https://soundvoyage1.bandcamp.com/album/jisr-too-far-away-free-soul-inc-006-spirits-high-above-series-i

Vision of 1994 - Concrete Memories (Harmless Youth)

Here at Endless Grooves, we adore albums very much informed by emotional and social contexts, either as memories from the past or what we witness today. In this latest effort from Czech producer Visions of 1994, he sets out to soundtrack to the vision of a post-Soviet Eastern Europe, and the endless grey concrete structures that remain as part of the enormous legacy left behind. The music very much creates our own connection to this visual narrative, where the trip hop tones bounce off and ricochet between the walls, moving so beautifully between differing times and places with ease. Its like a guide to the past, the present, and indeed, perhaps the future, and its impeccably pulled off. Truly gorgeous music.

Check it out and purchase here: https://harmlessyouth.bandcamp.com/album/concrete-memories-hylp001

Jean-Emmanuel Rosnet - Stories Concerning the heroes and rituals (Self-Released)

On his second long play, Rosnet doubles down on the warmth that exuded from his debut and channelled the static energies of the successive lockdowns into another set of wonderful field recordings. The quiet drumming patterns portray a sense of calm, the humming lights of the city flicker as tonally perfect keys wash over the horizon and into our immediate visions. As a blended experience, its second to none, really do much to help us transcend and explore all senses of the consciousness, one that becomes shared with Rosnet and his music. Stunning stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://jean-emmanuel.bandcamp.com/album/stories-concerning-the-heroes-and-rituals

Gallery S - Gallery S (Self-Released)

Alongside musical partner Acemo, MoMA Ready has been helping to define the foundations of the contemporary dance floor, with a brilliant style that spans the vast majority of the underground, with the pair showing a particular dexterity in pairing genres together in inventive and bold ways. This year saw MoMA release a hell of a lot of music, but our favourite has to be the self titled Gallery S record, which really shows what he is all about, with a stunning level of musical evolutions on show along with multiple styles and tempos. Moving between jungle driven rollers, through to hard hitting sub level house and techno, its a brilliant collection of tracks which move onwards and upwards continually, never faltering in their presence or meaning. Grand shit!

Check it out and purchase here: https://momaready.bandcamp.com/album/gallery-s

Scott Grooves - Repressed 4 U (Unreleased Anthology) (Self-Released)

Detroit has a very specific and well defined musical style, with a number of producers over the years adding significant to its ongoing development and legacy. Scott Grooves remains very much a pivotal member of that identity, with many of his records highly celebrated as a core representation of the city’s house and techno sound, particularly during the 90s and early 2000s. Here, Scott brings together the digital files - all 67 of them - of his Unreleased Anthology Series, with the music found within highly infectious in its groove and brilliantly diverse in terms of its style and substance. Its a wonderful collection of tunes, a celebration of Grooves as a producer and all he looked to achieve. Stunning stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://sgrooves.bandcamp.com/album/repressed-4-u-unreleased-anthology-mixes

Space Ghost - Free 2 B (Apron Records)

When musical consistency remains ever present in an artist’s work, you know their music will retain a certain standard each and ever time. We are huge fans of Space Ghost here at Endless Grooves, and he makes our list once again this year with the stunning ‘Free 2 B’ record. A record that aligns itself tonally between ‘Endless Light’ and last year’s ‘Aquarium Nightclub’, here we see Mr Ghost serve effortlessly between Beaty slow jams and gorgeous house burners, of which ‘Prayer For U’ remains one of our absolute highlights of the year. Keys never sounded so delightful and enriching, and long may it continue.

Check it out and purchase here: https://space-ghost.bandcamp.com/album/free-2-b

Space Afrika - hybtwibt? (Self-Released)

2020 was a year where seismic shifts occurred within the collective mindset, where BLM became an integral part of improving the lives of black people and looking to dismantle systematic racism that exudes profoundly from within societies across the globe. On this beautiful piece of music, Space Afrika combine extremely powerful spoken word pieces from members of the black community about their experiences and feelings, with delicate keys and shuffling rhythmic patterns holding up the words, highlighting their severity and the meaning conveyed in those words. Its an album that moves you to tears, a collection of songs that simply moves you, to feel the utmost empathy to those telling their stories, and to mobilise and become better allies to the black community. A truly era defining piece of music, in so many ways.

Check it out and purchase here: https://space-afrika.bandcamp.com/album/hybtwibt

Nelson Of The East - Kybele (Tartelet Records)

Coming right off the back of a handful of highly praised EPs, it was time for Nelson to enter into the long play zone, and how he does it in some style indeed, with an LP filled to the brim with ideas, explorations and expertly designed progressions and sequences. As an imagined environment starts to unravel in front of our eyes, we are guided by the varying wavelengths and sonic frequencies that abound endlessly from this treasure trove, with the journey we undertake permeated by all manner of brilliance that keeps the blood pumping and the mind very much engaged. Its a record we have constantly been drawn back towards, such is the power of its stylings and its depth in sound. Superb stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://nelsonoftheeast.bandcamp.com/album/kybele

Other Lands - Day To Day Recovery (Self-released)

For some artists this year, there was a wide spectrum of wonderful releases to select from, with one of those artists certainly being Other Lands, who churned out some highly impressive records during 2020. Our absolute favourite has to be ‘Day To Day Recovery’, which perfectly sums up his abilities, with the tempos and melodies gracefully moving through the gears in a non-stop audial experience which showcases bliss at its most captivating. A truly fine piece of music, and one that confirms how good a year Other Lands had. Top draw!

Check it out and purchase here: https://otherlands1.bandcamp.com/album/day-to-day-recovery

Fly Kin Mountain - Antioch park (Budget Cuts)

Records that hark back to certain places, moods and memories always have a personal and highly in depth feel to them, a audial representation of emotion that unravels through the varying swerves that occur on a record. Within ‘Antioch Park’, Fly Kin does his utmost to vividly re-imagine his teenage years, from the streets to the trees to the people and the situations, with the music presenting itself superbly through some truly beautiful key progressions and softly spoken arrangements. There’s an atmosphere contained within that’s highly emotive and utterly compelling, drawing us in further to get a closer look at every opportunity, with the complexity on show meaning repeat listens are always refreshing and joyous.

Check it out and purchase here: https://budgetcutsrecordsandtapes.bandcamp.com/album/bc009-fly-kin-mountain-antioch-park

Horato Luna - Yes Doctor (La Sape Records)

Sometimes, you get presented with a house leaning record that ticks all the right boxes in relation to furthering the genre, and on his debut LP as Horatio Luna, Henry Hicks certainly knocked it out of the park on that one. Combining a mixtape style coat that dresses the underlying notions, with a live instrumental feel that abounds from all corners, with delicious key work swerving and dipping over impeccable drumming patterns. Each cut flows so well from one another, yet displays an extraordinary amount of individuality, allowing for some truly memorable moments to flourish and linger long in the memory once the needle stops. A future classic, right here.

Check it out and purchase here: https://horatioluna.bandcamp.com/album/yes-doctor

Boldy James/Sterling Toles - Manger on McNichols (Sector 7-G Recordings)

In one of this year’s most compelling musical statements, rapper Boldy James and musician/producer Sterling Toles combined a brilliant collection of local musicians to craft a hip hop sound that remains as diverse and jazzy as ever. Each cut bound by James’ transfixing voice, the music underneath remains ever shifting in tone and complexity, moving between the lines with such flair and skill, with both the instrumentals and the vocals operating as one synergised narrative stream. Truly excellent stuff!

Check it out and purchase here: https://sector7grecordings.bandcamp.com/album/manger-on-mcnichols

L’estasi Dell’oro - Time To Breath Inward (Macro)

Christopher Ernst has been churning out high quality electronix leaning records for some time now, with his latest effort very much a reminder of his endless talents. ‘Time To Breath Inward’ is a high octane thrill ride through the deepest alleyways and cervasses of the mind, the urban form, and the club, mirroring each aspect within tracks that are both incredibly powerful and deeply thought provoking. No matter what meandering path you take with them, there’s a sound for any kind of context or narrative. Top stuff!

Check it out and purchase here: https://macrorec.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-breathe-inward

Afrikan Sciences - Survivors (Self-released)

Within the sea of contemporary producers and music makers, those who translate their craft in intuitive and intrinsic ways often shine the brightest, and Afrikan Sciences is certainly one of those music makers. Another producer who released a vast amount of music this year, we picked this one in part due to its wondrous content, but also the meanings that he put on it, with the linear notes describing how the music is a response to the current social climate surrounding the BLM movement and the continual brutality and killings of African American men and women in the US and beyond. Its music with purpose, meaning and emotion, and we cannot praise it enough.

Check it out and purchase here: https://afrikansciences.bandcamp.com/album/survivors

Satoshi & Makoto - CZ-5000 Sounds & Sequences Vol. II (Safe Trip)

Following up on their highly praised 2017 Vol. I record, the duo of Satoshi and Makoto are back with the second instalment, the vibes remain just as excellent as the previous outing. The movements between tonal styles and tempos continues unabated, keeping the feels close to heart and allowing for us to drift our eyes towards the stars once more, content in the knowledge that we are doing so with such compelling and beautiful music to help us get there. A truly special piece of music, and one that softens the heart in these difficult times.

Check it out and purchase here: https://nemutai.bandcamp.com/album/cz-5000-sounds-sequences-vol-ii

Blair French - The Art Of Us (Rocksteady Disco)

Detroit still contributes so very much to the ongoing musical narrative, and with ’The Art Of Us’, Blair French delivered one of this year’s most outstanding inputs into the Motor City’s musical legend. Combining stylings of house, Afro beat, left field and many, many more, its a journey through so many differing spaces and places, serving between club ready cuts that would absolutely storm the floor and delicate rhythms that serve up soundtracks to our day to day activities. A record that made a huge splash, and certainly one that left a huge mark on us when we first came across it. Amazing stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://rocksteadydisco.bandcamp.com/album/rsd-lp001-the-art-of-us

ONIPA - We Be No Machine (Strut)

On their second LP effort, London based ONIPA really pushed the boat out with a mammoth collection of tunes that all operate together as a truly outstanding piece of music, one that reflects both the enriching sounds of the UK and Afrobeat centres like Nigeria. The record covers so many bases, flittering between differing zones and tones with ease and effort, showcasing the immense levels of creativity that persist within the four band members and helps to craft an audial experience that will never ever get stale. Constantly shifting, continually moving us to bursts of joy and euphoria, there’s so much to celebrate here, so why not take a dip yourself!

Check it out and purchase here: https://onipa.bandcamp.com/album/we-no-be-machine

Linkwood & Foat - Linkwood & Foat (Athens Of The North)

When compiling lists such as this one, records that came out right at the start of the year could perhaps fall through your grip, but this one was one of the first ones we wrote down on the 2020 best of. The duo have both shown their collective excellence on so many high quality releases, with that sentiment not falling away as they team up to deliver one of this year’s standout moments, with the movements between softly spoken key driven environments and Beaty percussive groovers always a joy to listen back to. There’s something about the key work on this record that really does stick in the memory, softly playing away as our hearts race to the rhythms of life. Truly exceptional.

Check it out and purchase here: https://gregfoat.bandcamp.com/album/linkwood-foat

Bufiman - Albumsi (Dekmantel)

On yet another debut LP from a highly celebrated producer, Bufiman showcases what he’s all about on this superb record, that really translates his deep progressive sound into a larger environment. The LP format really suits this, as each track comes in at hefty length times but contains so many beautiful transitions and ideas that keep the soundscapes continually evolving and expanding. An album that started bold and ended in even bolder territories, and remains a real statement of intent from Mr Bufiman, and we for one cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

Check it out and purchase here: https://bufiman.bandcamp.com/album/albumsi

Sepehr - Shaytoon (Dark Entries Records)

On his second LP, Sephr pushes forward his style just that little bit further with a series of intoxicating electro tinged workouts that move the mind as much as the body. The melodics and squelches are tantalising to the brain, moving right through our body and moving us to points of ecstasy, with the differing blends on display keeping the pulse going at a breakneck speed. Gorgeous, hypnotic and energetic, its a brilliant piece of music that points to many new places and exciting futures for the producer.

Check it out and purchase here: https://sepehr.bandcamp.com/album/shaytoon

Koyil - Healing Circles (DiG Records)

On one of this year’s most intense and hypnotic journeys, Koyil spins a tapestry filled to the brim with enriching textures, sombre yet playful melodies, and touching haunting atmospheres that feel like giant vacuums expanding above and beyond into the outer galaxies. There’s an element of mystery hanging around every corner, with little dips and dives in tone and energy sparking our thoughts and feelings into action, ever willing to go the extra mile in understanding where we started and where we might end up. A deeply beautiful piece of music.

Check it out and purchase here: https://digmoscow.bandcamp.com/album/healing-cycles

D.K - Live At The Edge (12th Isle)

D.K remains one of those producers who keeps on giving over more and then some extra, and it was to no surprise that his debut EP on the excellent 12th Isle imprint was nothing short of exceptional. D.K’s use of tone within keys, drums and indeed everything he does is well known, but within this record he takes the energies down to a very slowed pace, allowing for each chord and instrument to pack an enormous punch without having to overly exert themselves. Its a never ending soundscape that presents itself in 6 bitesized atmospheres, its music for the ages, and a tender soundtrack to your most emotive moments.

Check it out and purchase here: https://12thisle.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-edge

Delroy Edwards - Slap Happy (L.I.E.S Records)

No one quite does it quite like Delroy Edwards, who has found his own signature house style that remains part rooted in the genre’s iconic traditions and with an eye firmly on the contemporary and very much on the future. Edwards has used previous LPs to really experiment with his hardware and the styles that come from it, but on ‘Slap Happy’ its no nonsense straight up house music, and its absolutely glorious. The focus remains very much on the relationship between Edwards and his instruments, and on this album we see his vision coming into full focus, with a highly mature style and approach that is very easy on the ear and digs deep into the heart. Gorgeous stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://liesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/slap-happy

J.Albert - my rave ended yours just began (Self-released)

When looking for top quality dance music that comes infused with so much identity and heart, then J Albert is the one for you. This release, which came out just as the year had started, feels like an ode to the down time after the euphoric rush, the moments where the world stops spinning and life begins to wash over your body as the morning light sings through the trees and lights up the buildings. As the year began, it seemed like such an appropriate sound, one that sends pulses through our refreshed mind and emboldens us to achieve great things.

Check it out and purchase here: https://jalbert.bandcamp.com/album/my-rave-ended-yours-just-began

Karmasound - La Búsqueda (Phuture Shock Musik)

On another debut that stayed with us this year, Karamasound graduated his technically epic and creatively brilliant sound from the EP to the LP, and the album itself is an absolute gem. With many musicians now exploring the relationships between broken beat, jazz and electronica like never before, many innovative grooves and concepts shine through, and on ‘La Búsqueda’, the vibes just keep on coming constantly. every track is pitch perfect in relation to delivery, feel and groove, moving effortlessly along the lines of aforementioned genres but always finding a way to provide new twists which always delight and tantalise. Great shit!

Check it out and purchase here: https://phutureshockmusik.bandcamp.com/album/la-b-squeda

Terrance Dixon - From the Far Future Part 3 (Tresor)

Terrance Dixon is highly revered in the techno community, as much in regard to his technical applications but to the unique voice which he has spent his entire career refining, crafting and nurturing. On his latest effort, the third in the From The Far Future Series, we see Dixon simply confirm the parameters of his sound, one that moves fluidly between soft chordal structures where ambient reflectionism is key before moving into turbo charged slammers where keys and chords float eerily in the backdrop. Its an album of extremes, but the contrasts feel so natural and meaningful, and it simply confirms Dixon as one of the genre’s most important figures and deepest thinkers. Superb, superb, superb.

Check it out and purchase here: https://tresorberlin.bandcamp.com/album/from-the-far-future-pt-3

Idris Bena - Lankivei (Forest ill Rec)

Some albums remain truly hard to pin down in terms of their collected energies, and with the debut LP from Idris Bena, you leave the experience in the most joyous vortex imaginable. The record touches on so many differing crossroads and contexts, drawing power from dance floors and scenes across the globe whilst channeling strands of vibes and tones through into succinct sounds that operate on so many levels. Truly a sight to behold, as we are transported to outer space, the sub base and the euphoric fields all in one listen. Just check it out for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed!

Check it out and purchase here: https://forestill.bandcamp.com/album/idris-bena-lankivei-2xlp

Jessy Lanza - All The Time (Hyperdub)

There really isn’t anyone pushing the vibe quite like Jessy Lanza, who has over the past few years really cemented her sound within the current contemporary dance music soundscape. Blending pop orientated sounds with beefy UK bass, footwork and electro, its the contrast of the tender vocals and melodies that give such weight to the drums, and on her latest LP the blend remains as top notch as ever. Its a style that remains hers and hers alone, and you will be bobbing your head and smiling endlessly as the good vibes keep on flowing with this one. Beautiful stuff, as always.

Check it out and purchase here: https://jessylanza.bandcamp.com/album/all-the-time

Knxwledge - 1988 (Stones Throw)

One of Hip Hop’s most prolific beat makers made one of his boldest statements yet this year with ‘1988’, that sees Knxwledge’s trademark choppy style extend itself out to incorporate more full samples, but the creativity in terms of application and light sonic touches remains as excellent as ever. It feels like a new approach, where vocals come out more strongly than ever before and the beats move with less swagger and more consistency, but as mentioned we still feel so involved and immersed, with each track offering up a beautiful reminder of the man and his endless talents. One of his finest moments, for sure.

Check it out and purchase here: https://knxwledge.bandcamp.com/album/1988

Nova - Re-Up (Self-released)

After a series of groundbreaking joint EPs and singles, which fully showcased her unique flow and narrative weaving, Scottish rapper Nova Scotia The Truth stepped up to craft her first solo outing, which remains one of this year’s finest in terms of content, variety and wordplay. Nova’s flow dynamically navigates the 6 tracks all made by differing producers, with the energy moving from softly spoken slow burners through to energetic hype cuts that get the blood pumping. But its Nova’s voice that remains ever present, providing us with a guide to the contexts, experiences and people who she talks about, providing a brilliant sense of progression that binds the album and its varying styles together so effortlessly. We couldn’t think of a more worthy winner of the Scottish Album of the Year, so bravo, Nova. A record that will remain in the consciousness for years to come.

Check it out and purchase here: https://novascotiathetruth.bandcamp.com/album/re-up

Darren Nye - A Clear Vision of A Distant Future (Childhood Intelligence)

Out of the many producers who remain heavily inspired by the futurism and ambition of late 80s to early 90s techno and IDM, Darren Nye has remained one of the breakaway producers in infusing both the past and the future into one evolved being. His music is expertly crafted and highly intelligent, moving between differing tempos and moods with flair and substance, and on this record - his debut LP - the sounds that have made many fall in love with his music become more fleshed out, more ambitious, more euphoric and deeper than ever before. Its one of those listens which continually gives over, its melodic frequencies and brilliant dynamics creating so much intrigue and engagement. We constantly revisit it, and it was certainly one of our absolute favourites from this year. Top draw.

Check it out and purchase here: https://childhoodintelligence.bandcamp.com/

Nico Lahs - Freedom (Adeen)

Has 2020 been Nicola Loporchio’s year? Perhaps, with that statement backed up by a vast array of releases from differing aliases that channeled all of his musical abilities and interests. Picking just the one to include here on the list was a tough call, but we simply couldn’t overlook his debut LP under the Nico Lahs name. From the off, the music contained within is just stunning, moving between jazzy laden groovers through to upbeat instrumental numbers, it is classic late 90s house refined and honed within his own signature style. A triumph, and one we continually return to within our listening periods. Stellar work!

Check it out and purchase here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/nico-lahs-freedom/768299-01/

Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes - What Kinda Music (Blue Note, Beyond the Groove)

Like two kindred spirits who seem to have known each other for decades, the powerhouses of Tom Misch and Yussef Dayes came together to provide one of 2020’s most rhythmically intoxicating records. Misch and Dayes showcase their extraordinary talents with the guitar and the drums, but do so within a set of brilliantly considered tracks that show great levels of depth and sonic vision, with the set of tunes amounting to an experience that is highly dynamic and boldly emphatic. So, kick back, relax, and float away to the breeze, the Melodies and the beat, trust us you won’t be disappointed.

Check it out and purchase here: http://www.bluenote.com/artist/tom-misch-yussef-dayes/

Big Yawn - South Preston Garage

On this superb mini LP, the Big Yawn boys serve up a well rounded introduction into their compelling sound, one that touches on all the depths of the audial experience and then some more added in for good measure. Taking the time to move between tempos, bass lines and melodic touches, its a deeply groovin record that finds the time always to expand beyond and give over a little bit more to us each time. Stellar stuff!

Check it out and purchase here: https://bigyawn.bandcamp.com/album/south-preston-garage

Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song (Smalltown Supersound)

Techno has seen many morphologies in its long and varied history, and in the current age, Kelly Lee Owens has carved out a tremendous narrative for herself. Combining the soft tendencies of undulating wavelength sequences with her vocal work, it creates a kind of ethereal feel we associate with the genre, yet presented in her unique manner. A spellbinding journey awaits anyone who comes across this future classic, and we can’t recommend you pressing play enough. Simply brilliant.

Check it out and purchase here: https://kellyleeowens.bandcamp.com/album/inner-song


System Olympia - Under My Eyes (Slow Motion Records)

If sultry laden grooves and keys are what you pine for, then the tunes that System Olympia puts out is surely the stuff that you crave. Whilst it was incredibly difficult to pick between this and her debut LP, we simply fell in love with everything that was presented to us in this record, from the gorgeous keys and chords through to the excellent structures that differed from one cut to the next. Its an excellent journey through all manner of tones, feels and emotions, with this record certainly soundtracking our sombre moments or the utmost tender. A truly excellent record.

Check it out and purchase here: https://systemolympia.bandcamp.com/album/under-my-eyes

Baronhawk Poitier - Temperado Tornado (Honey Soundsytem)

Debuts don’t get much better than this. Poitier has been a fixture of the US queer underground for some time now, his DJ sets frequently referenced as ones filled with infectious energy and brilliant drumming sequences. This debut EP seems to capture both the rhythms of these parties and pair them with Poitier’s creative visions, one that encapsulates his love of dance, music and art, with the end result something to cherish. Rhythmically on point, melodically thoughtful and powerful, its a record we have had on none stop all year. A choice cut for any DJ.

Check it out and purchase here: https://honeysoundsystem.bandcamp.com/album/temperado-tornado-ep

Inner Touch - Gone (Cosmic Resonance)

Cosmic Resonance is a label we have had in the forefronts of our minds for a while now, and with this latest EP from Inner Touch, our views of them have gone up exponentially. A record that takes house to new depths, where a somewhat informal approach allows for flows and sequences in relation to arrangements craft really intriguing soundscapes where expressive percussive elements take us to new places and space. Highly unique, and one for the ages, its one not to be missed for sure.

Check it out and purchase here: https://cosmicresonance.space/album/100-gone

Salah - First Step (Sketchy Lines)

On the Sketchy Lines label debut, label boss Salah takes us through a gorgeous spectrum of moods that touches on techno, ambient and everything in-between. Its a sombre record at times, with reflectiveness at an all time high, as gently placed melodies find themselves swimming in a sea of beautifully placed rhythms, which take their time in moving between the lines and crafting so many moods in which to immerse ourselves within. Stunning stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://sketchylinesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/skl001-first-step

Cousin - Overtime (Best Effort Records)

It was a big year for producer Cousin, who released three highly celebrated records, with this one perhaps our overall favourite in regards to diversity, mood and tone. The soundscapes and sonics on display are second to none, moving us through some beautiful conceived environments that sing to the heart strings and indefinitely place us in new realms of blissed out electronics. Warm, deep and intriguing, its a stunner, and one we have had on repeat for a long while now.

Check it out and purchase here: https://secondcousin.bandcamp.com/album/overtime

Igor B - Raindrops (Breathing Room Records)

As to be expected from the superb Breathing Room Records imprint, this EP from Igor B - one of many excellent releases from 2020 - just does the business on so many levels. With Ian Usher on support duties, its a record that immediately flourishes in life, displaying a deft hand at textured vibrant beats intermingled with the most uplifting and dreamlike of chordal progressions, all of which move within a highly defined sea of sound. Just put it on and hear your soul soar.

Check it out and purchase here: https://breathingroomrecords.bandcamp.com/album/raindrops-ep

Out Of The Blue - Late Hours (dischi nottetempo)

On this debut record, Out of the Blue takes us through his impeccably curated sound, one that remains so impressive for a debut outing, with its diversity and delicate touch something that we took away immediately from it all. Passing through down tempo beauties through to absolute stompers, the record touches on a very wide spectrum indeed, moving between the lines with an effortless energy that carries us to the dance floor and right back to the living room again. Excellent stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://dischinottetempo.bandcamp.com/album/late-hours

Stevie Qngo - Le Libournais (Le Pacifique Records)

There’s nothing else quite like the sounds which flow from Qngo’s new record, which elevate the ideals of performance and sound design to new heights. Pairing compositional elements with live recordings, Qngo presents the music here as a kind of audial scrapbook, a deeply contextual record that invites us very much into the world being quickly populated with characters, feels and colours. Close your eyes and find yourself by Qngo’s side, immersed deep within the galaxy he has spent time curating.

Check it out and purchase here: https://lepacifiquerecords.bandcamp.com/album/le-libournais

Oliva - Dancing Snake (Pinkman)

Welcome to the virtual rave. On this utter stunner from Olivia, we fly across the sandy plains and rugged landscapes of the imagination, swooping and diving down to inhibit spaces of interest from time to time, on a trip that remains as physical as it is mentally expanding. Powerful drumming sequences find themselves graced with rave and trance inspired key melodies, all packaged together within her own take on the deep emotions of the dance. Stunning stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://pinkman.bandcamp.com/album/dancing-snake

Kibrom Birhane - Circles (Flying Carpet Records)

On this remarkable record, Birhane reminds us all the power of bringing together like minded individuals in the notion of creating improvised magic. Each musician remains indefinitely linked to one another, keeping a flow going that reminds us of the jazz greats of old, with each cut flowing so well within each other, exploring all facets of the sound that abounds with grace and excellence every single time. IF you want to expand your mind a wee bit, then bliss out and put this baby on. Top notch.

Check it out and purchase here: https://kibrombirhaneflyingcarpetrecords.bandcamp.com/album/circles

India Jordan - For You (Local Action)

Well known for her infectious DJ sets and previously well received productions, Jordan this year released her most ambitious project to date, and its nothing short of a triumph. Moving between disco sampled house stompers, through to d’n’b laden heart string pullers, through to electro laden slammers, it represents all that India Jordan represents, heart on sleeve. Glorious, emphatic and intensely groovy, you can’t just not dance and smile when this record plays. Fucking amazing.

Check it out and purchase here: https://indiajordan.bandcamp.com/album/for-you

Stefan Ringer - Side Notes (Second Hand Records)

Ringer has been doing the business for some time now, with his signature blend of jazz fueled house becoming a staple in breezy late afternoon sets and listening sessions the world over. On one of his latest efforts, he brings the big guns in relation to setting mood and tone, with the vibe bringing together elements of footwork, acid jazz and house into one beautifully presented package. One of those records you just can’t get out of your head, such is its brilliance and infectiousness.

Check it out and purchase here: https://www.juno.co.uk/products/stefan-ringer-side-notes/790798-01/

Steve Marie - HO! (Philoxenia)

On the debut record for Philoxenia, Steve Marie does the business once again with a fantastic record that points the direction forward for the dance. Moving between breakbeaty goodness, hard house flavours and progressive trance burners with intense urgency, its a record that contains all the ingredients to soundtrack the night of your life. Its one we haven’t been able to get out of our head for so long, such is the brilliance of the music contained within.

Check it out and purchase here: https://stevemarie.bandcamp.com/album/ho-digital-release

Hed Ardennes - LKX001 (Local Knowledge)

So many great albums came out of the Local Knowledge camp this year, but we just couldn’t not include the timeless LKX001 by Hed Ardennes in the mix. Two tracks, two differing tones, textures and feels, with the atmosphere on side A leaning towards the deep side of the dance, with its UK Bass feel getting the energy levels up to emphatic by the end. Side B takes a much deeper turn, as deep set synths caress the top end over a techno orientated beat, for the moments when you look out at the night sky and dream a little bit. Gorgeous stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://localknowledge.bandcamp.com/album/hed-ardennes-lkx001

Parris - Terrapin (Wisdom Teeth)

Out of his many releases from 2020, we had to go with the excellent ‘Terrapin’ record, that showcases Parris at his most diverse and sonically engaging. Moving between the tempos with constant brilliance, we are graced with three differing cuts in relation to context and mood, with the two openers being of slow burning excellence whilst the last track picks up the pace a lot in order to move us to new heights of the dance. Brilliant stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://wisdomteethuk.bandcamp.com/album/terrapin

Mansur Brown - Tesuto (Soulection)

We’re big fans of Mansur Brown here at EG, and to saw that his latest record blew us away is a massive understatement. Whilst his 2018 debut highlighted a little of the direction he was exploring in regards to effects and sonics, this EP took those little flourishes and moving the focus into the soundscapes, where the guitar is the key driver in encouraging all the other elements to pick themselves up and explore as far as possible. There’s nothing else much we can say other than go listen to it!!! Incredible.

Check it out and purchase here: https://mansurbrown.bandcamp.com/album/tesuto

Doxa - Bluff003 (Bluff Records)

On the third release for Bluff, Doxa served up some of the most compelling sounds to surface during this year, with the styles hard to pin down but the vibe remaining very consistent indeed. The atmosphere remains seeped in the late night surges of energy, the keys and drums placed and designed effortlessly in immersing us in the ongoing narratives of time and space, all packaged in a inherently unique sound that leaves us craving for more. We cannot wait for the next instalment!

Check it out and purchase here: https://bluffrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bluff003

Audri - Tappo di Ferro (Opia Records)

One of many great Opia records from this year, this release from Audri remains our absolute favourite, due to its consistency in depth and style. From the off, its clear its hands in the air business, as Audri moves us through progressive and enriching melodic structures and deep clear cut techno and house laden drumming patterns, grooves and rhythms which do much to move us to wondrous places in the mind and the body. Top notch stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://opiarecords.bandcamp.com/album/opia008-tappo-di-ferro-ep-audri

Moor Mother - Forever Industries (Sub Pop Records)

Moor Mother has been crafting the most spell binding of cuts since 2012, and this single from August this year remains true to her vision and her abilities. Softly spoken instrumentals give way to deeply captivating vocals, which cut through the windows between us and the space in which they were recorded, inviting us into the emotional and physical space in which they were created and warmly embracing our intrigue and passion. Simply stunning, beyond words.

Check it out and purchase here: https://moormother.bandcamp.com/album/forever-industries

K15 - Elemental/Intrinsic Value (Mother Tongue Records)

One of those records we keep on coming back to, constantly. Kieron Ifill showcases two of his key aliases here on this single release, highlighting both his abilities on the keys and also on his ability to package all that talent within his deeply moving sound. Its house at the absolute pinnacle of its abilities, as gently undulating key lines mingle with arpeggio sequences and the deftest of drumming patterns, as all layers work alongside each other to craft two cuts of the highest order. Utterly phenomenal!

Check it out and purchase here: https://k15music.bandcamp.com/album/elemental-intrinsic-value-3

Long Body - Dream Running (Good Company Records)

On their latest release, the Long Body crew serve up sounds to help you drift into the outer reaches of the mind, on a record that leans across the spectrum to provide so many experiences and tones. Balearic at times, softly spoken in others, with beats used sporadically to support the incredible melodies and keys, no less the guitar work which remains some of the best we have heard all year. An EP that helps us dream, a record that lingers in the memory long after the needle stops playing.

Check it out and purchase here: https://goodcoperth.bandcamp.com/album/gcr010-dream-running-ep

Wetman/Sword Of Thorns - Apt E Vol 2 (Apt E)

If you need your fill of jungle and juke, all prepared and delivered in the most emphatic of fashions, then this second outing from Apt E is the one for you. You feel the personalities of both producers on full display here, with Wetman moving effortlessly across the jungle spectrum with brilliance and gusto, whilst Swords of Thorns moves into a differing yet equally up tempo and infectious juke setting, where the vibes keep flowing constantly. Brilliant shit!

Check it out and purchase here: https://apte.bandcamp.com/album/apt-e-vol-2

Eris Drew - Fluids Of Emotion (Interdimensional Transmissions)

In her first full length debut EP, Drew draws from all the power of her sets, her techniques and her creative endeavours to deliver three outstanding cuts that translate so well across the board. With the samples and scratches out on force, its the manner in which the elements are bound together with such meaning, passion and belief, with our hearts feeling that bit bigger as a result. Certainly one of the best records of the year!

Check it out and purchase here: https://erisdrew.bandcamp.com/album/fluids-of-emotion-it-44

Mark Seven - Parkwerks Vol 1 (Parkway Records)

Like being transported back in time, yet remaining very much with two feet firmly in the present, Mark Seven here brings together so many differing strands of house together within a brilliant collection of cuts that showcase his varying tastes. From Balearic tinged groovers, through to funk laden jams, its contemporary house at its very finest, and one that you will immediately fall in love with.

Check it out and purchase here: https://parkwayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/parkwerks-vol-i

Ikonika - Bodies (Don't Be Afraid Recordings)

On this deeply personal record, Ikonika translates her colourful melodic sound into some deeply interesting territories, with the beats as crisp as ever and the keys as bountiful as before. Its perhaps her most techno leaning record to date, and we are all the more wiser for it, as the four tracks differ slightly in terms of application yet translate over to us so brilliantly, with the energy and tempo never faltering or reducing in terms of meaning, feel and presence. Top notch stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://ikonika.bandcamp.com/album/bodies

Various Artists - Animalia One (Animalia)

If dubbed out techno tones and blissful minimal is the vibe you crave, then this collective debut effort from the Animalia imprint is for you. Each track differs in relation to application and density, yet all work alongside each other to provide a well rounded experience that remains just as compelling when flowing between each cut. Its the kind of soundtrack to late night adventure, where the lights are low and the heat is on. Brilliant stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://animalialabel.bandcamp.com/album/animalia-one

Cktrl - Robyn (Touching Bass)

On his third effort, Bradley Miller solidifies the adoration for his music within a truly brilliant piece of music that pushes the concepts of Neo-classical to new heights and understanding. Deeply touching at times, Miller remains a master craftsman in pushing the boundaries of tenderness, with other genres accommodated along the way with the experience leaving us in a gentle heap on the ground, with the feels washing over us continually as the piano plays on in our mind. Glorious.

Check it out and purchase here: https://cktrl.bandcamp.com/album/robyn

Errortica - Safely Stowed EP (Les Yeux Orange)

Chugginess reached new depths on this record from Errotica, which signals towards the dance but contains so much intrigue as to perk our interests during a home listen. Its intensely groovy throughout, as the melodic touches and the drums do much to wrap around our consciousness as we are swept away into a sea of melody and rhythm. A record that touches on all aspects of the contemporary dance floor, and one that certainly paves the way for the future.

Check it out and purchase here: https://lesyeuxorange.bandcamp.com/album/safely-stowed-ep

Anz - Loos In Twos (Hessle Audio)

Anz is certainly one of contemporary dance’s most emphatic and talented producers, with her previous releases showcasing her various interests in all aspects of the UK side of dance music. On this latest effort, she takes a straight up breakbeat approach to the atmosphere, with a delicious variety of melodic notions unravelling on top, with the titling of the tracks and the sounds here reminding us of the euphoric moments we shared together on the dance floor.

Check it out and purchase here: https://anzdj.bandcamp.com/album/loos-in-twos-nrg

Ilana Bryne - Strange Adventures (Naive)

On her second EP outing, Bryne reminds us once more of her impeccable production credentials over a series of cuts that dip and dive around the relationship between drums and keys. At times highly evocative, at others slamming to the point of ecstasy , it all remains captured in a seamless flow between tracks, with Bryne always finding the right balance in relation to making us move or making us feel. Top notch stuff!

Check it out and purchase here: https://naivetrax.bandcamp.com/album/ilana-bryne-strange-adventure-ep-with-russell-e-l-butler-remix

OOFT! - Reclaim Landscapes (Clandestino)

If a sound ever transported you to distant places that simmered in the blues and shone in the deep sunlight, then the latest OOFT! record is certainly one to savour. From the off, we are encapsulated in a sound deeply inspired by Balearic infused house, with the deep lying bass intermingled with compelling beat structures and softly spoken chord progressions, all of which move within differing tempos and styles. Gorgeous stuff, just gorgeous.

Check it out and purchase here: https://clandestinomusic.bandcamp.com/album/ooft-reclaim-landscape-clan010

Vick Lavender - The NiteFlyte "Jessie's Journey" E.P (Forbidden Dance)

Both Forbidden Dance records this year shone so brightly, but if we had to pick one it just had to be their debut, which was overseen by the iconic producer Vick Lavender. In recent years, Lavender has engaged himself with extended jazz laden rhythms, and this record is no different, with the running times of each track going to at least 8 minutes, meaning that for as long a time as possible we are totally captivated by the sounds that unravel. Deep, intricate and compelling, its a incredible piece of music, and one we have always turned to when in need of a quick boogie.

Check it out and purchase here: https://forbiddendancerecords.bandcamp.com/album/vick-lavender-the-niteflyte-jessies-journey-ep

Forest Law - Forest Law (Brownswood)

On this debut EP, Forest Law shows his chops in some style, with the stylings moving between afro beat inspired guitar work and some effortless beat compositions, with the key work also operating on a very high level indeed. Each cut operates slightly differently too, serving up a differing style each time that allows for the immersion level to be kept up very high indeed. A truly stunning debut, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next from Mr Law.

Check it out and purchase here: https://forestlaw.bandcamp.com/album/forest-law

Klein Zage - Tip Me Baby One More Time (Orphan Records)

Orphan Records serve up some gems, and this latest one from Klein Zage is no different at all. Graciously moving between leftfield pop laden house kicks, through to UK garage, and seemingly everything in between, its a deeply captivating record, and one that showcases Zage’s unique sound. The vocal work remains top notch, and one that provides a commentary that runs through the core of the record, with its tone and application accompanying the instrumentals brilliantly.

Check it out and purchase here: https://orphanrecordsradio.bandcamp.com/album/tip-me-baby-one-more-time

Rheji Burrell Presents the Utopia Project - The “V” EP (Running Back)

The legendary Nu Groove affiliated producer served up two brand new records this year, with this one under the Utopia Project name our personal favourite, although both could have easily made the list. The house grooves remain as infectious and potent as ever, moving between deep excursions through to groove driven stompers, its a record that just shows why Burrell is so revered and as relevant as ever. Brilliant stuff, for the house heads!

Check it out and purchase here: https://runningbackrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-v-ep

Kush Jones - FT055 (Future Times)

One of those records that remains a stand out from 2020. Jones serves up so much goodness on this record, from the flickering synth lines through to the superb percussive structures, it all works so well together as a package of tunes that gives over so much on every listen. The amount of styles that are morphed together here remain highly impressive, giving over to us a series of feels that are hard to match in terms of their depth and application. Utterly brilliant!

Check it out and purchase here: https://futuretimes.bandcamp.com/album/ep-ft055

Liquid Earth - Liquid Earth (Self-released)

From producer Taylor Freels, responsible for the outputs of Urulu, among others, comes one of his latest efforts from the Liquid Earth name, and its quite simply brilliant. Balancing the styles of 90s deep techno and progressive house, it harks back to those moments but points as brightly towards the dance floor of today and the future, with each cut remaining very much in the same frequency but providing a differing melodic side each time. Stunning stuff.

Check it out and purchase here: https://liquid-earth.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-earth

Body Corp - Soft Expression (Soothsayer)

This debut from Body Corp couldn’t be any stronger if it tried. Moving within the realms of techno, the producer serves up some serious brilliance on the first four tracks, all of which serve between differing structures and melodies, before a slamming Francis Inferno Orchestra remix at the end adds the icing on the cake. As debuts go, its an unreal place to start, and we cannot wait to see what he might conjure up next.

Check it out and purchase here: https://soothsayeronline.bandcamp.com/album/soft-expression

Lo Kindre - Dusk/Grey Skies (Phase Group)

Quite simply a must for any late night meanderings through the urban realm, Lo Kindre serves up some blissed out dubby techno excellence on this one, with this little 7’ conjuring up so many feels as we take in all that is around us. Deepness never sounded so grounded and tangible, as the concrete stamps beneath our feet, the lights flicker in the mist, and the sounds of the city at night take hold, all of which is conjured up so brilliantly by Lo Kindre and his quietly emphatic sound.

Check it out and purchase here: https://phasegroup.bandcamp.com/album/dusk-grey-skies-i