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Unknown Mobile - Clocktower EP (Sounds of Beaubian Ouest, 2019)

Ravey, trancy goodness from Mr Mobile.

More beauty from Canada has come our way. SOBO, or Sounds of Beaubian Ouest, has has offered up some house delights over the years, from Project Pablo’s superb label debut ‘Beaubian Dream’, through to Untitled Gear’s ‘White Nite’ EP, alongside stellar releases from Jesse Futurman (of Church and Just Like Music Fame), and Paula Tape, the goodies have kept coming in delightful and joyous fashion. More upbeat and melodic, with a focus on the summery vibes we all crave, blessings keep on coming our way from one of many brilliant Canadian labels doing their thing right now.

Unknown Mobile offers up the latest to a already mighty cast of great producers. His work is well known for delving into many facets of dance music, from his debut EP on ASL Singles Club, to the dreamy goodness of the ‘Sharon and Vida’ EP on Normals Welcome, to his superb No Bad Edits release, this guy has an abundance of genres just waiting to burst forth. ‘Clocktower’ just provides another feather to his cap. The title track begins proceedings, a techno belter that displays subtle variations that keep things ticking over. Breakbeat vibes drift in and out, with keys coming over the top that remind one of Acting Press releases. Just energy and plenty of it, with the beat dropping at just the right moments. It is quite a statement from the producer, and one that fits in brilliantly with the sounds reverberating around the Canadian dance music community currently. When the cymbals fall away, and we are left with just the bass stab and the kick, is when the magic comes full circle, one final reverb for the listener to nod their head too.

Side B commences with ‘Felled Birch’, that carries on the energy. A techno trance esq dip, high octane kicks provide a solid base for conga drums to do their magic, whilst an evolving magic comes on top. Real dip in the mix sort of stuff, where the listener or dancer is hooked, and you just want to keep reeling them in. The synths are gorgeous, drifting so pleasantly and atmospherically around, in a dream like state. Layers and layers drive forward, before a distinctive early 90s metallic techno line comes in to take the track into hyper drive. It exudes such an unstoppable vibe, like a train that cannot be stopped, as it moves through phases and breaks towards a (hopefully) never-ending climax. To end it all, we have ‘Starstruck’, a downtempo beauty that reminds us all to come back down to planet earth. Slow burning, mesmerising, deep, evolving, it constantly develops, not standing still, but moving like an organism that is keen to move onto its next state of being. The tune wraps its head around the listener, demanding eyes closed, total engagement, with delicate drums and hypnotic synths swirling around. It is like looking into a slow moving pool of water, and it constants so brilliantly with the total hyperactive energies of the first two tracks. A fitting end to a fantastic EP.

Unknown Mobile has a lot to say, so it would seem. And his music does so much to get us into his world. A series of brilliant eps, that has culminated with this one, says a lot about his talents, and his ability to spread himself amongst various genres and not seeming to have become thinned out. This EP puts himself up alongside ANF’s ‘Manua Kea’ as one of the top Canadian EPs of the year so far. It is real exciting to see what he might lend his hand to next.

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