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Various Artists - Volume 3 (Dancing People, 2020)

The latest offering from the Dancing camp sees a continuation of their deep understanding for the rhythm, with two cuts that will make you groove and move for endless nights to come.

We are blessed with so many edit orientated labels these days, that more often than not you can get lost in it all in favour of those that don't seem so interested in actually re interpreting the music into something new, bold and exciting. For all the labels disinterested in actually crafting and searching for music that can be used as a basis for exciting and delicate edit based tunes, there are as many that are overly concerned with that very notion, going above and beyond to inject dance music with a much needed dosage of brilliant and evocative grooves of yesterday. The labels that do concern themselves go beyond, they search through the deep crates to find tunes that deserve recognition and a reconextualisation, tracks that can be so easily slotted into high quality sets through the content's ability and essence. These labels are certainly the ones to keep an eye on, where there is a care and attention placed in how to modify the track and just let it do its thing. The emphasis placed on the content, the ear for the spectacular remains, but the importance placed on curating a vibe that leaves a long lasting impression. Alongside that, these labels concern themselves with releasing records that showcase a diversity in styles, where the dance is balanced with the deep thinking, where exploratory styles are highlighted as much the moments that make you wanna dance one more time at 6am. These certainly are the moments we all crave when it comes to the edits.

Dancing People truly embody these ideals, with aplomb and finesse. They might only be three releases deep, but they have already curated a vibe that smacks of a strong dedication to making us dance but also reliving special moments in musical history. Every one of their EPs showcases a different side of the 70s and 80s disco orientated sound, drawing from a global view of things to create a well rounded and superb series of dance experiences. Their first release, 'Volume 1', released last year, draws from Afro Funk god Shina Williams and Según Bucknor to serve up two Afro infused slices of gold, and made quite the impact when it was initially released. Their second EP simply built on the vibes, with two more Afro house edits of the highest order continuing the great work already established through their first EP. 'Dankasa' from this record in particular is an exceptional edit, taking elements from the original and giving it a new swing, a new rhythm that slides its way right through into the top end of the edit spectrum. And now, we arrive at their latest offering, that looks further afield for new inspiration. The tones on display are quite different, the energy slightly softer, but the burning fire is as ever, very intense. The EP takes a much more Latin edge, but certainly creates a lovely contrast between the two tracks, with one stripped back and aimed for the dance floor, whilst the other is for the deep thinker as much as the late jazz enslaught that we all needed on the second day of dancing. So lets take a dip!

Side A begins with the track 'Aldeia', that is an edit of 'Joyce' by Aldeia De Ogum. The track begins out with the soft rhythm of the bass line, before long joined by the delicate guitar work on top. The track eases into it really smoothly, the build up not too dramatic, just the use of the melodic elements to create a superb vibe. The track goes through a few bars in this fashion, before the vocal loop joins in from the back. The edit then fliters it all out, before bringing it all back in, the vocal line allowed to expand more as the drums go into full swing. The arrangement is so on point, the flow between sequences and scenes fluid and expertly executed, its a real joy to listen to. The instrumental break allows for an extension of the melodic elements to occur, additional guitar riffs and chordal work adding further dynamics to the sound. The track then filters out again, but this time the vocal switches up, the loop changing, before it all just comes flying back in once again. Its such a fucking glorious moment, and one that really amplifies the edit as a craft, not just a somewhat generic rip off. The idea with filtering in edits also comes across as somewhat unnessary at times, adding no real value to a track. However in the context of this track, the filter is used at the perfect places, fitting in so well with the flows of the composition and general arrangement, that it simply create moments that wow us. Supreme shit. Up next comes 'Felicidade' , which is an edit of Joe Henderson's track of the same name. The track already offers a different tone, but retains the same shimmery breezy feel of the previous cut. The acoustic guitar riff harks to hazy days on the beach, bright sand and deep blue sea, the laid back drumming providing a dense layer for other instruments to abound and grow. But it is the saxophone, Henderson's primary instrument, that connects it all together, the sax used here to great effect in signifying the changing seasons and moves between verses and breaks. The vocal line comes into play, and oh boy is it sweet as, high pitch but soft and tender, floating on top of all the gorgeousness underneath. When it ends, the keys flex their muscles, gracefully moving around the general arrangements underneath. The manner in which the sax lead break down leads into the vocal line is fantastic, as the track seems to be creating more and more density with each passing minute, creating a level of groove that wraps you up in its warm embrace, time and time again.

Well then, that was a wonderful experience. With this latest EP, Dancing People have shown their abilities in the edit craft, and now have the softer side of things to show for it. Their abilities to piece together classics into something new and invigorating is so refreshing, and like with some of the other edit labels out there, are offering up a variety of tones and atmospheres that caters for not only the big rooms, but also the quiet sombre moments that we perhaps want to reflect on life and the richness of it all. That is the sign of only the highest quality of edit labels. Bravo.

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