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Vesu - List of Lizards (Going Good, 2019)

Downtempo moods meet synthy Beaty richness on Going Good's latest gem.

Going Good has released some stellar releases over the years. A focus on all things quirky and mesmerising, the label has released music from Endless Grooves favourites such as Aquarian Foundation, Cloudface, Moon B and Mystic Jungle, along with some real cool releases from the likes of Cosmic Handshakes. The music focuses on a real strong vibe, one bound by melodies, beats and feeling, that sets the tone for any forthcoming release. The label is run by Brian Not Brian, who is a top bloke, who can be seen helming the Rye Wax record shop. Go in and be prepared for niceness to the max!

Vesu's serves up their latest release, and boy is it a interesting trip. The opener, 'Red Eyed Wood Lizard', starts off with a rhythmic session, with delicate synths moving around on top. It has a very natural feel to it, a very scenic vibe, where one feels placed into a slow moving jungle, with the haze serving as the backing track. It grows slowly, with elements dropping in and out of space and time, all adding to something of real intrigue. 'Seven-lined Ameiva' comes next, creating a beautiful soundscape built on a deep yet light synth line. A slowed down kick comes in, with backing synths just adding to this tracks richness. A very 80s feel indeed, a live feel, very much born out of experience. It is a real beauty, taking you away on a journey up some steps to some kind of vista somewhere. The bass kicks in, just adding another layer. This song feels like its just taking its time, not relying on anything else to get it to move on, just doing its thing, in its own time. 'Tree Runner' comes next, and utilising some of the drum patterns from the first track, this one feels a bit more urgent. The drums feel a bit quicker, more pacy, with the dub sound effects adding to its allure. A rich, in depth tune, it has these very hazy light synths that just move around in the far distant, almost wanting to come closer, but keeping their distance.

'Wondering Grass Lizard' comes next, and continues the vibe on from the previous track. The drums play another integral role in this one, deep and rich, with other elements again playing a supporting role. This is where the intrigue lies, as these parts feel less structured and more just creating a sense of atmosphere. It leaves us questioning where we are in the world, but that isn't a bad thing. Then a deep synth line comes in, to just contradict what I just wrote. This adds a whole new layer, and elevates this track enormously. Such a delight, and out of this heavy and dense drum orientated track come a wee sunflower of melodic goodness. Up next comes 'Solitary Anole', which might be the standout. Starting out with deep pads, and a slowed down house kick, this track just builds so well, whilst never really needing to go any faster. This kinda sums up this guys ability to craft something slowed down that has such urgency to it, by the focus being drawn to the sounds the drums make, rather than them being this tool to provide rhythm. Cymbals add to the mystic, as the pads continue their upward journey, such a journey. To cap it off comes 'Bogota Anadia', a melodic trip to end a journey through the dub. Experimentation abounds, with synth Lines left to wonder, that give way for lovingly curated synth sounds. It has all the ingredients, a sonic undertaking through the dub of it all. A real pearl, and a fantastic end note to a real interesting EP.

There is a world within all of this, and Vesu's has shown he can do it in spades. By carefully thinking and considering how elements work alongside each other, the spaces are left for the mind to wonder, to explore and get lost in. the album produces some real surprise moments, that just add to its beauty and magnificence. Leave it to Going Good to release another peach of a EP, and his debut! take a bow son.

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