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The Debut Mixtape from +EXP. 

rats in the palace.png

On the 18th of January 2020 our wee family, known as The Positive Experience (+EXP) gathered in a house known by many as the Rat Palace to share food, drink and music. We recorded the proceedings and ended up with almost 12 hours of material. We have decided to share some of the highlights with the world in the form of our first release: Rats in the Palace.  


This record is the result of the unique bond and performative style that we have established as we have grown together as people and performers. It brings together a combination of some of our favourite songs and improvised jams that took place throughout the evening. As such, it is a dynamic blend of the huge range of culture and musical influences and a testimony to the understanding and trust that we have found in each other.


It is a collection of passionately honest expression from a group of people who feel complete safety in each other's company, recorded live in a warm sanctuary during the depths of Scottish winter. It tells the story of the experience of a group of misfits: queers, foreigners and transfolk who gathered in the City and, years later, found a home in each other. It sings of heartbreak, defiance and our universal unity through the love of ourselves, each other and the music. We made it ourselves, top to bottom and we hope you enjoy the ride. Come live the life of a Rat in the Palace.





check out the album on our brand new website, and also cop a download!

The record can also be found on our brand new Bandcamp page, and for a snip at just £7, you can't say no!


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